How to Make a Winning Sales Pitch in 5 Easy Steps

Delivering a sales pitch to prospective customers is an important skill for salespeople and business owners. It’s a key stage in the sales process, which gives you the opportunity to sell your [...]

How to Power Up Your Blog Using Social Media

Social media is a great venue to nurture your community online. It is definitely a useful marketing tool, and you should use it to your advantage. Make sure that you’re maximizing all of its [...]

Designing a Website? Check Out these Free Web Design Resources

Graphic design virtual assistant jobs are soaring these days because more and more business owners are recognizing the value that a great web design and amazing graphics can bring to the table. [...]

7 Indispensable Google Tools for Every Virtual Worker

Working as a home based virtual assistant definitely has a lot of benefits. From reducing your daily living costs because you won’t be commuting daily or eating out as often to making your office [...]

How Working From Home Can Benefit Your Family

Since it was launched in 1998, Google has continued to grow in a lot of ways — from their revenue to their user base. The world’s second-largest company in terms of revenue is definitely in it to [...]

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