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What do you like most at working in 20four7VA?

What I like most about working in 20four7VA is that I’m able to manage my time properly with work and family. Since I’m on a flexi schedule, I get to work at my own time and pace and this makes me more productive in both at work and at home.

What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve faced as a VA and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge I have faced so far was when I was assigned to do a task that was unfamiliar to me. What made it more difficult is that I need to finish the task using an application/program that was new to me as well. I was able to overcome this by learning how the process went and how the app is used. Learning and support tools made it easy for me to overcome this challenge.

What’s the nicest compliment a client has ever given you?

Appreciation of the hard work I have done and my eagerness to help and learn new things.

What’s the most important quality that a VA should have?

Being dedicated. You should be focused on what you’re doing and you should always strive for perfection.

Any secret talents?

I can move my ears without using my hands? Does it need to be work related? Lol

What’s the best tip that you can give to aspiring VAs?

Love and enjoy what you’re doing and also make it a point to learn new things from time to time.

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    It inspires me after I read about Ryan, your VA SPOTLIGHT.

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