VA Spotlight: Lara

This May, we turn the spotlight on Lara, a Customer Service virtual assistant who won the Loyalty Award at the 2020 20four7VA Virtual Thanksgiving Townhall. Lara is one of our longtime VAs; in [...]


VA Spotlight: Marichelle

This month’s spotlight goes to Marichelle, an eCommerce virtual assistant (VA) who has been with the company for four years now. She first worked as an all-around Amazon VA for one of our [...]


VA Spotlight: Maricar

Meet Maricar. She is an administrative virtual assistant (VA) who currently works as a customer service representative for an eCommerce company. She has been with 20four7VA for more than a year [...]


VA Spotlight: Meet Rikka

The virtual assistants (VA) at 20four7VA are multi-talented as exhibited by our next interviewee, Rikka, a VA who certainly wears many hats. Rikka has been with the company since 2018 and [...]

VA Spotlight: Meet Charlene

Meet Charlene. She is an eCommerce virtual assistant (VA) who started working for 20four7VA in April 2016. In the last four years, she mainly does Amazon Listings and works in Customer Service. [...]

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