VA Spotlight: Meet Louiela

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What do you like most about working at 20four7VA?

I like working at 20four7VA because I get to take care of my baby while earning. Because of the flexible hours, I can work based on my availability which is really an advantage especially for a working mom like me.

What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve faced as a VA and how did you overcome it?

With five months of working as a VA, I can say that the biggest challenge for me was when I accidentally purchased the same book twice. I was very worried and afraid because of the mistake I’ve made so I decided to tell my client about it. I was actually hesitant to tell the client at first, but I find it the right thing to do at that time. Luckily, my client was really nice. He also gave me some instructions to fix the issue.

“By letting my client know about my mistake/ issue, I was able to overcome my fear and amend the mistake.”

What’s the nicest compliment a client has ever given you?

My client is always nice. He’s always quick to give me compliments on most days. One of the nicest compliments I received from him was when he said that I am doing a fantastic job and that he is willing to provide an outstanding referral for me.

What’s the most important quality that a VA should have?

I believe every VA should be flexible. He/She should be open to new learning and think out of the box.

Any secret talents?

No secret talents. I can dance but I don’t think it’s a secret. (haha)

What’s the best tip that you can give to aspiring VAs?

To all aspiring VAs, communicate with your client and build rapport. It is important that you tell your client whatever you’re going through with the work he/she assigned to you. Keep your client informed and be as detailed as possible. Be transparent when it comes to work.

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