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What do you like most about working at 20four7VA?

I like how I always feel welcome here at 20four7VA. Our boss, trainers, managers, admin, staff and co-VA’s are always there to listen and help you.

What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve faced as a VA and how did you overcome it?

It was the time that I felt so hopeless with my career since I already have three different clients in a span of two months but none of them offered me a full-time job. This made me think that it was somehow my fault. Boss Catherine called me on the phone and told me that it has nothing to do with my performance but it was the client who decided not to continue with our services. She also said that some clients require high-speed internet because we need to load a lot of data.

I sought some career advice from one of our HR personnel, Mariel. On July, I went to my internet service provider to apply for an upgrade. However, after four weeks of following up, they said that it I’m not eligible to upgrade the current speed. In fact, even the other three other ISPs that I talked to can’t upgrade the current plans that I have.

Starting to give up and still worrying about my internet connection, I had a conversation with Chari (she was new at HR department that time) and she encouraged me to try and apply again for an upgrade. Thank God that after two months of waiting, my internet speed was upgraded. Also, Gary, my fourth client, decided to employ me from part-time to full-time.

Staying humble, positive, patient, as a well as having a passion for work and willingness to learn are just some of the character traits that I practiced over and over again to overcome this challenge. Of course, I would like to extend my gratitude to the training team for building up my confidence and giving me a solid foundation to work online.

What’s the nicest compliment a client has ever given you?

Gary Baird said I’m doing great. He also said that I’m learning more every week and going above and beyond when it comes to my work.

Any secret talents?

I can sing, dance, draw, cook, voice dub and other talents that no one else can see. Lol. It’s a “secret”.

What’s the best tip that you can give to aspiring VAs?

Just be patient, work hard and wait patiently for opportunities. It’s a process and you will get there soon. Just take it one at a time. Since you will be endorsed to a pool of clients and encounter different people with different work requirements, be humble, flexible and give yourself time to absorb everything and learn everything. Most importantly, keep in touch with your clients.

How has 20four7VA helped you?

I’m now able to pay my bills and buy more stuff at the grocery. Since I don’t have to commute to and from the office, I can now spend some of my time assisting my grandparents, taking care of a family member who is sick and confined in a hospital, practicing with the praise and worship team in our church, playing basketball, exercising four times a week, and best of all, bonding with family and sometimes, my best friend, every weekend. Such a blessing to be a part of 20four7va!

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