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What do you like most about working at 20four7VA?

I like how well-organized the company is and how it builds me up as a professional VA inside and out. It’s like a family that knows what’s best for you, they will never disappoint. I had a few bad experiences with previous employers. They were very different from 20Four7VA and not in a good way. These employers worked us to exhaustion and never paid what they owe. They were rude, unfair and unethical. I almost lost hope and thought of quitting the virtual world but then 20Four7VA came along and I thought I’d give them a try. And so it happened that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I’m very happy that I am with a company that takes care of their employees and treats them with respect, fairness, and compassion. Only a few companies do that.

What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve faced as a VA and how did you overcome it?

I will only say this once because I believe some of us will be able to relate and this is a fact that we all need to face as a VA. This is also the hardest challenge I faced and was able to overcome and that is the feeling of hopelessness.

I learned that earning the benefits equal to that of an office-based employee is hard to achieve. This goes for respect, status and salary as well. Some people outside our industry don’t consider us as professionals. For those people, we are just bummers that are too lazy to work outside of home. And because of that mentality, some employers think that we don’t deserve proper compensation. Some don’t even pay even though we’ve finished their projects.

Have you ever tried applying for a loan or an internet plan that you need but never got approved? Well, I did. If you’ve been through that you will understand how hopeless it is.

20Four7VA is very different. I no longer feel all the negative things that I experienced in the past. My perspective of online employers has changed. I feel secure and taken care of. I receive my salary on time, I have great conversations with other employees, and I feel a sense of belonging.

I know that my situation is not that perfect today but with a supportive company like this, I know soon enough things will soon be better.

What’s the nicest compliment that a client has ever said to you?

Happy Birthday my dear! The vacation paradise posts are fantastic. Great work!

That sounds wonderful.  I just saw Love Feeling Fit as well.  The posts are great.  Have you seen how much reach you are getting on those posts…phenomenal. Wow!!

Morning JJ. Yes I saw them & really like them! Great job on these new posts, keep them coming 🙂 

Hi JJ, Many, many happy returns of the day. Hope you have a fabulous birthday and a wonderful year ahead! 

Thanks JJ, you are making a good contribution to the brand as well with your posts. Keep it up.

This is why I love my job.

Any secret talents?

Oh, my! Well, I can eat eight slices of pizza all by myself for breakfast and another eight slices for lunch. I know, I know, I have a growing kid’s appetite. After that, I’ll have pasta for dinner. We need to throw a bit of healthy in there, right?

Ever since I started working nine years ago, I’ve always believed in one thing. Whenever life gets too tough, I always keep this in mind, “No pain, no gain, no glory”.

What’s the best tip that you can give to aspiring VAs?

You don’t need a big salary to succeed in life. All you need is passion for work and compassion for the people that you work with. Why? Because the things that we do with love will never fail us. We will never get tired of what we’re doing.

As long as we have the energy and heart to continue, no one can stop us, no one can ever tell us what we can and cannot do, and no one can ever mock us because we have something that money can’t buy.

So work hard with passion and compassion.

And, of course, save funds for your future. Buy a house, a car, or travel (just let your POC know) 😛

Never belittle yourself because we are the lucky ones. You just have to stay focused!

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