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This month’s spotlight goes to Marichelle, an eCommerce virtual assistant (VA) who has been with the company for four years now. She first worked as an all-around Amazon VA for one of our clients, and she is currently working as a purchasing VA for another. As a purchasing VA, her main task is to search for items on Amazon so she can help her client boost their online store. With how long Chelle has been working with us, she now considers 20four7VA as her second home.

What Made You Decide to Become a VA?

I have a teenager now. She is a growing teenager and it is a crucial stage in her life. So, I decided to spend as much time as possible with her to get to know her better. I also want to be available when she needs me. Through this work, I am fortunate that I can provide for her better and spend time with my husband as well.

What Was Life Like Before You Started Working for 20four7VA?

I used to work for a call center company in Makati, Philippines for a year. I go to work from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am from Monday to Friday all while battling with traffic congestion in the city which makes my days longer. It’s even worse on holidays like Christmas and other events. With that said, I thought to myself that spending this much time for work is no longer worth it and that is how I decided to work as a virtual assistant (VA).

What is Life Like Now that You’re Working With 20four7VA?

I can say that I have a better work-life balance now. I get to spend time with my life, no more commute-related stress, and I save a lot of money from no longer buying work clothes, bus fare, and other related expenses like eating out.

Why Did You Choose 20four7VA?

It (20four7VA) was actually recommended to me by my very good friend. When she recommended 20four7VA, she told me that the opportunities are endless as long as we do our job well. I decided to give it a try and I have stayed here ever since.

How Has 20four7VA Helped You Grow?

When I started here in 20four7VA, I have no experience and at that time, luckily, work experience was never an issue. Because it is my first time in this field, 20four7VA has equipped me with thorough training and they thoroughly explained the step-by-step processes of working as an Amazon VA. The company gave us free training up until I reached my full potential and I learned a lot from my clients because they also trained us. I am grateful for the support from my work colleagues and the staff because they helped me get through every challenging task that I had.

What Are the Top 3 Benefits of Working with 20four7VA?

One perk of working with 20four7VA is the work stability. Before I ended the contract with my first client, they offered me another job contract. I guess it’s because they know how I work and because of that I know that 20four7VA actually offers endless job opportunities. Another perk is the free training, and lastly, the on-time weekly salary.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Who’s Thinking About Applying at 20four7VA?

I guess they have to empty their cups to learn new things because we need some improvements for ourselves. Working remotely is different from working regular jobs that we’re used to.

What Qualities Should a VA Have?

At 20four7VA, we should have integrity as we work remotely because we work without being monitored so we just have to be honest.

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If You Were to Recommend 20four7VA to Your Best Friend, What Would You Say?

I would just recommend it to my friend and if she decides to apply, I would say that she made the right choice. Working with 20four7VA will allow you to learn new skills for free and you’ll have a worry-free environment with a work-life balance that allows you to spend time with your loved ones.

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