VA Spotlight: Maricar

Meet Maricar. She is an administrative virtual assistant (VA) who currently works as a customer service representative for an eCommerce company. She has been with 20four7VA for more than a year now.

Get to know Mari, as she gets the VA spotlight this month, and learn how she has found a better work-life balance as a mother with a full-time job working from home.

What Made You Decide to Become a VA?

I decided to start working as a VA because I wanted to have more control of my time because I have a child with special needs. It’s particularly challenging as a mother because I need to dedicate most of my efforts to care for my little one. I find that working from home is the best way that I can balance my time between my family and work.

How Has 20four7VA Changed Your Life?

Now that I’ve started working for 20four7VA, I think I feel lucky because I have more time for my children and other things. I couldn’t find time to do the things I need to do before, and now because of my home-based setup, I can pursue baking and gardening.

Why Did You Choose 20four7VA?

I chose 20four7VA because of the level of support that the company provides. There is constant follow-up, training, and I don’t really have to worry about my salary getting delayed. Right now, there’s COVID and people are losing jobs. I feel grateful that if ever my client terminates my contract, I can apply for another client. 20four7VA gives me the support I need and I feel secure that they always have my back.

What Makes 20four7VA Different?

My favorite part about 20four7VA is the support and it has blessed me with confidence to do my job, particularly with the tasks my client asks me to do. In the company, we have what’s called the VA University, a place where I can ask questions or clarifications.

What are the Top 3 Benefits of Working with 20four7VA?

First, is the salary being on time. I no longer have to deal with delays or the hassle of sending an invoice to my client. Sometimes, when I forget to send an invoice, I won’t get paid, or sometimes it gets delayed. Another benefit is the training because I learn so much from the knowledge that is shared. And lastly, the supportive 20four7VA staff. I love the company that I’m working for right now and they are great. If it weren’t for 20four7VA, I wouldn’t be endorsed to my client and I’m really thankful for that.

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Who is Thinking About Applying at 20four7VA?

The advice I would give to somebody who is thinking about applying at 20four7VA is to go for it. You won’t regret applying and it won’t hurt to try. If you don’t really try it for yourself, then you won’t know the difference of having a company that provides support to its VAs.

What Qualities Should a VA Have?

The qualities that a VA should have would be persistence. If you apply, there are steps to follow and sometimes, it takes a few weeks or months to go through the application process. You have to be persistent and patient because the rewards that you will reap would be worth it. Another is the tenacity to learn. Humility is another because you have to deal with the staff and other people so it helps if you are also willing to learn and listen. Lastly, dedication to your work and client.

If You Were to Recommend 20four7VA to Your Best Friend, What Would You Say?

If I were to pitch 20four7VA to a friend, I would say that given the current situation that we are in, the best way to work right now is from home. It would really help if you work for a company and have stable pay and support. 20four7VA can provide all of that and more.

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