VA Spotlight: Carina

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VA Spotlight: Carina


Carina is a master data analyst who has been working exclusively for a client in the eCommerce industry since 2023. She is currently managing her client’s Amazon store, among other eCommerce virtual assistant (VA) tasks. Carina, an awardee at our 2023 Town Hall, shows us the power of having a positive attitude and a determined mindset. 


What is the best thing about being a 20four7VA virtual assistant?

Since my shift is in the evening, I can attend my children’s school events, feed the cats, and take care of our plants every morning. I have more time to do what I love and to participate in my kids’ school activities.


What are the top benefits of working with 20four7VA?

  • Training courses to unlock everyone’s potential
  • Various job opportunities
  • ON-TIME weekly pay


Can you share your go-to tips to become an effective remote professional?

  • Enjoy what you are doing and never stop learning
  • Be inspired by the success of your colleagues
  • Find time for self-care and improvement


What are the main challenge/s you face as a remote professional and how do you tackle each?

Heavy rain can cause power outages. These outages affect my internet connection. To deal with this, I saved a portion of my income to purchase a portable generator to avoid any work disturbance when storms come. 


How does 20four7VA help you achieve your personal and professional goals?

After I was hired, I printed a vision board. Out of 13 items, I have ticked 9 items already. 

20four7VA helped me achieve most of my listed goals.


What are the top three benefits of working with 20four7va?

  1. It has made working with clients hassle–free. 20four7VA will help you with finding clients, getting hired, training, invoicing, payroll, and more!
  2. You get to interact—and make friends with!—other VAs, especially those with the same interests and hobbies as yours.
  3. Paid leaves!


If you know anyone interested in becoming a VA, would you recommend 20four7VA?

Of course. 20four7VA changed my life!

I will recommend the company; hopefully, it will change other’s lives too.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Carina! 😊

Become a 20four7VA virtual assistant and enjoy the freedom of working in your own space at your own pace. Find your dream job here!

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