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VA Spotlight: Joshua


Joshua is a CGI designer who has been with 20four7VA for almost four years. Currently, he works with a client in the childcare industry. Joshua, our Top VA  awardee in Q1 of 2023, brings a wealth of experience and creativity to his projects. Let’s hear more from Joshua!


Why did you pursue a career as a virtual assistant?

Initially, I was looking for a client who needed the services of a 3D artist. I liked the job description, so I grabbed the opportunity. 


Which parts of your daily life were positively impacted by becoming a 20four7VA virtual assistant?

There are plenty! But the biggest change is that I no longer need to endure long work hours and long commutes. By working remotely, I can accomplish tasks more efficiently.


What are the top benefits of working with 20four7VA?

  • Flexibility in terms of when I work
  • The ability to work from anywhere I like
  • Not having to worry about juggling multiple roles and schedules


What are your best tips for becoming an effective virtual assistant?

  • You have to be professional at all times.
  • You have to have the skills and expertise to get the job done.
  • You need to be good at time management.

What are the main challenges you faced as a remote professional and how do you tackle each?

Sometimes, I have internet problems that can disrupt my work. I recently purchased a subscription for a backup internet connection. 

There was a time when my client gave me tasks that were outside of my expertise. To deal with it, I asked my client to give me some time to research and self-study so I could accomplish the task at hand.


If you know anyone interested in becoming a VA, would you recommend 20four7VA?

Definitely! 20four7VA helped me to find the right client that matches my skills and expertise.

The team helps me become a better VA through upskilling- managing Amazon stores, admin tasks, and video editing.



Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Joshua! 😊

Become a 20four7VA virtual assistant and enjoy the freedom of working in your own space at your own pace. Find your dream job here!

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