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It’s true that being on social media can tremendously help increase your brand’s online presence, especially in the case of small businesses. However, you don’t necessarily have to be on every social media channel to achieve this.

Updating and maintaining every platform requires a lot of time and hard work. If you’re a startup, it would be best to outsource this task to a virtual assistant. The job is so time-consuming that you might end up neglecting the more important aspects of your business.

However, even with a dedicated social media coordinator, it’s still pretty difficult to get everything done on all social media platforms. There is usually a tendency for businesses to set up accounts on most of the available social media channels, but being on two or three of these should be enough. The important thing is to focus only on the platforms that can actually give your business a solid ROI.

Here are some guide questions to ensure that you’ll be using the right social media platform.

What type of business do you have?

Facebook is the social media channel for everyone, from SMEs to established corporations. This social media site provides an avenue for feedback, inquiries, and quick responses. It has also been recently packed with various tools that are specifically made for businesses, and these include the on-page calls-to-action and paid advertising. Whether you’re a clothing brand or a B2B service provider, you’ll find some useful tricks that you can use for your business.

Moreover, if you’re a lifestyle brand, you might want to have Instagram as well. If you offer B2B services, make sure you’re on Twitter and LinkedIn too.

Who’s your target audience?

Facebook is probably the safest social media channel where you can reach a wide range of audiences. With billions of users all around the globe, this social networking site has users of varying age, interests, etc. If you’re targeting older people who are in their 40s and above, you’ll likely find them on Facebook rather than on Twitter or Instagram.

If you intend to reach millennials, having Twitter or Instagram accounts will help you get in their sphere. If you’re looking to expand your client connections, signing up on LinkedIn would be ideal. However, make sure that you also have your own website where potential clients can know more about you. If you’re a video production agency, you might want to upload your demo reel and other works on YouTube.

What does your strategy involve?

Do you aim to spark conversations among your followers and other online users? Facebook and Twitter would naturally be the best platforms for you. Is sharing visual content at the core of your campaign? Instagram and Pinterest would be ideal for that. Would you like to try paid advertising on social media? Facebook offers a variety of tools that will allow you to do that, and you can customize your ads to suit your goals.

Think about how you want to use social media for your business. From there, you can cross out the platforms that won’t be relevant to your purpose and have only two to three channels to focus your effort and resources on.


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