How to Promote Your Small Business on Facebook in 7 Easy Steps

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Facebook has been revolutionary not just because it is able to fulfill certain functions in our personal lives but because it can catapult even small businesses to the top. If you’re an entrepreneur and haven’t started tapping the potential of online business marketing, you are missing out on revenue and bigger opportunities.

Before you look for a competent social media virtual assistant to help with your Facebook marketing initiatives, here are a few basic things that you should know in order to effectively promote your business on this social media platform.

  1. Create a Facebook page.

A Facebook page is a lot like a regular Facebook profile, but it is created specifically for brands and businesses. Make sure to upload a professional-looking logo as the primary photo of your page and choose a cover photo that looks good and shows what your business is about. Don’t forget to use a Facebook URL that is easy to remember and unique to your brand. Facebook URLs usually appear in this format:

  1. Optimize your profile.

Write comprehensive information about your business and be as descriptive as you can. List down the products or services that you are offering and include keywords that customers will likely use when they search on the internet. Don’t forget to add a link to your website as well.

  1. Share relevant and interesting content to your followers.

Social media management means that you need to post content to your page on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be multiple times per day, but it is important to make your Facebook followers feel the presence of your brand. Come up with different types of posts — photos, videos, GIFs, and articles so that people can enjoy a variety of content from you.

  1. Engage with your audience.

Reply to their comments, say your thanks, and if you can, follow up with a question. When people message you privately, make sure to respond to their queries as soon as you can. Be courteous and use a friendly tone when communicating with them.

  1. Expand your network.

Facebook is basically for social networking so don’t hesitate to build your connections through your Facebook friends and Facebook groups where you can find your target audience. Invite your friends to follow your page and participate in industry-related Facebook groups. Join conversations where you can properly establish your authority to gain the trust of the members.

  1. Check Insights.

Facebook Insights is packed with meaty information, which you should use to improve your marketing strategies and get more conversions for your business. Using this tool, you’ll know the main type of audience you have and the kind of content that your followers are engaging with the most.

  1. Use Facebook Ads.

Traditional marketing requires you to spend a huge amount of money to reach an audience, whereas Facebook Ads enables you to target a specific segment of people for a fraction of the cost. Take advantage of this affordability to increase your page engagement. Whether your objective is to get more page likes or to boost brand awareness, you can do so by utilizing the paid options on Facebook.

There is a multitude of opportunities in social media marketing that it is a must to put up your brand on the relevant platforms. Make sure that you utilize the right strategies as well so that your efforts will result in actual conversions.



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