How to Prevent Work Burnout in 5 Easy Steps

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Starting an online business may be satisfying and fulfilling, but you can’t deny that it takes a toll on your body. When you are in the driver’s seat and in charge of everything, work-related stress will eventually get to you.

Now, you might say a little stress won’t really affect the way you function, but what if it all adds up and turns into a serious case of burnout? Luckily, you can prevent this from happening in just five easy steps:

Take Frequent Breaks

It’s impossible to be at your 100% for eight hours a day. You need to give yourself time to recharge while at work. Take regularly scheduled breaks. You can have a quick walk outside of your office, chat with other people, read a book or blog post, or drink a cup of coffee.

Doing these things will help you recharge and refocus in accomplishing your tasks. Of course, they can also prevent early symptoms of burnout. Just make sure, though, that you are not taking these breaks during your most productive hours.

Limit How Often You Check Your Email While Outside of the Office

With today’s smartphones and other devices, it’s very difficult to detach yourself from your work. However, doing this is imperative in order to prevent yourself from burning out. Once you get out of the office, try not to check your email. If your job requires you to do that, make sure that you set an interval like opening your email only every two hours. This will help you focus on what you are doing that is not work-related.

Make Your Weekends Count

Whether it’s to take a quick vacation away from the city or to try a new activity or sport or just simply rest, be sure to make full use of your weekends. Don’t ever use those days for work. Hire a virtual secretary to help you deal with non-urgent, work-related stuff.  

Change Your Routine or Environment

Sometimes, preventing stress from turning into a full-blown burnout is as simple as changing your routine or environment. Do something different to change up your routine such as decorating your office or cubicle or commuting to work instead of driving. If you’re in the same place, doing the same things for 40 hours a week, it will be awfully difficult to stay inspired and energized.

Start a Personal Project

Do you have a pet project that has taken a backseat in the last few years? Then maybe it’s time to revive it. Doing projects that are meaningful to you will help you find purpose outside of the office. It will also keep your mind out of the things at work that stress you out.

Being able to run your own business brings a lot of fulfillment, but it’s also very taxing. The last thing you want as a business owner is to burnout and be incapable of doing your job. Make sure you follow these 5 easy steps to prevent stress from turning into something much worse.

Do you have any tips or tricks for avoiding work burnout? Share them with us! Leave a comment below.


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