Networking Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

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Almost every business can now be found on social media. In fact, some establishments these days exist solely online. The business world has definitely gone digital.

Despite this shift, 68% of professionals still place a higher value in face-to-face networking than in online marketing, according to a survey. The same report revealed that 28% of professionals found career opportunities through networking.

These numbers prove that networking remains crucial for business growth. It’s also a reminder for entrepreneurs to be more mindful in handling business relations because these connections can open opportunities that money can’t buy.      

The first step to improving your connections is to weed out unbecoming practices. Check out these networking mistakes every entrepreneur should avoid:


Using your pitch to enumerate all your services.

Elevator pitch, 3-minute pitch, startup pitch – whatever you call it, your pitch gives people the first impression of you and your business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs use this to drone on and on about every service or product their company offers.

While it’s important to let investors and potential clients know about your services, rattling them off in your pitch is not the best way to do it. It’s a sure way to make your audience bored and inattentive.

How to avoid this mistake:

Resist the urge to cram your pitch with your service list. That’s what your website is for. Instead, tell people what kind of problems you solve. Present a difficulty that they encounter and tell them how you can resolve it. People tune out product lists, but they absorb the benefits and value that you can add to their lives.

Forcibly converting people into customers at networking events.

As an impassioned entrepreneur, it’s natural to jump on every opportunity to get clients. A networking event or business gathering seems like the perfect time and venue to do this.

With this approach, you may end up discouraged if you don’t make enough sales. Before you know it, you will measure your networking efficiency with closed deals and determine if an event is worth your time by how many people you can turn into clients. This isn’t how you persuade people to buy. People prefer the services from companies they know and like – a company that they can attach a friendly face to.

How to avoid this mistake:

Focus on establishing rapport and building connections with people. Listen and be genuinely interested in what others have to say. Introducing yourself first before presenting your company makes people at ease and more inclined to listen to what you have to offer. Remember, people are more willing to help someone they know and like than a faceless company that’s just out to get their money.

Not following up on potential clients.

You handed out flyers and business cards. You’ve also worked to get people’s contact details. It seems illogical to not do anything about the information you gathered. This is a mistake that many entrepreneurs make. Aside from missed opportunities, not following up on people will give you an untrustworthy reputation.

How to avoid this mistake:

Systematize your contacts list and establish a follow-through strategy. Prepare email templates for upcoming campaigns so you can conveniently send them out to people. Work with a content writer VA to compose, send, and follow through your emails. This ensures that your contact and replies are timely and professional.

Knowing these mistakes and how to avoid them strengthens your networking skills. Are you ready to practice these learnings on your next networking event?

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