The Local Business Owner’s Guide to Avoiding Social Media Mishaps

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As an owner of a local company that shares the same line of business with big corporations, how do you keep up with advertising, if at all?

The answer to your marketing woes are two words: Social Media.

It’s time to step up with your social networking skills from a savvy business person’s perspective. Like any other marketing platform, it takes skill, impeccable timing, and a good strategy to make a name for yourself on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Before you set out outlining your strategy, it’s best to know which practices to weed out. Remember that you cannot just copy what the other businesses are doing. They may have goals and needs which are different to your own or a much larger market to target.

What you need is a type of approach that’s geared towards a more focused, localized market.

Here is the local business owner’s guide to avoiding social media mishaps:

Mistake #1: Not being proactive in direct messages or comments

Many businesses regard Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter as mere advertising platforms. Although marketing through these networks is effective, it should not make you forget what regular customers are using these apps for: to communicate.

Here’s how to make it right:

As the owner of a local business, you can’t afford to be mum when users send you direct messages or comments on your posts. Although it might get a little tedious to answer the same basic questions, you must be as accommodating and informative as possible. Remember that you have a local company. Your best shot is to show people you are their friendly neighborhood supplier of the services you provide.

Mistake #2: Pouring all your efforts in one platform

While it is true that it’s not smart to be a jack of all trades, you must at least expand your horizon and optimize relevant social networks available at your disposal. Focusing on one network alone means not taking advantage of the exposure other platforms can give you.

Here’s how to make it right:

Highlight the different strengths of your business using the different forte of social channels.

On Facebook, you can share links to your blog or website and increase brand exposure through check-ins and tags. On Instagram, you can showcase vivid and colorful snapshots of your products to entice customers. On LinkedIn, you can build your professional portfolio so other people can view a summary of your profile.  

Mistake #3: Not having a strategic schedule of posts

In advertising, timing can make or break your business. An innocent joke made at the wrong time can make you sound insensitive and cause a whiplash. A well-timed post can rouse followers and convert them into subscribers of your blog.

Here’s how to make it right:

Every social channel has a different algorithm and influence on the audience. Know what works and what doesn’t as far as posting frequency and time is concerned.

Here’s a research takeaway you can use as a guide:

  • Facebook – 2 posts/day before users flake out in Likes or Comments.
  • Twitter – 3 posts/day is the maximum if you’re rooting for engagement. After the third Tweet, users show a decrease in engagement.
  • Instagram – 2 posts/day before users feel like you’re spamming their feed.
  • LinkedIn – 1 post/day during the week shows 60% of audience reach increase.
  • Blogs – 2 blog posts/week regardless of the blogging platform you use. Blogs that publish an entry 3 to 5 times/month shows reader engagement and the companies that increase their posts to 6 to 8 times/month gain twice as much readership.

Mistake #4: Thinking you can manage it all yourself

Just because you have a small business does not mean you have to confine your thinking and obligations to a limited space. While it is possible to manage your social channels and blogs, this leaves you with limited time and energy to work on other business dealings.

Here’s how to make it right:

Hire a virtual office assistant. The good news is, the hiring process is easy, fast, and smart. You can get the best virtual secretary to manage your social channels and blogs as conveniently as possible. All it takes is getting in touch with the right company to help you find the best remote staff.

You already have social media profiles for your small business. Now, thanks to this guide, you’re guaranteed to avoid the typical social networking mishaps that many local businesses fall into.



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