20 Small Business Ideas for 2017

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Are you interested in exploring the world of entrepreneurship and business opportunities this 2017? Just like any other business venture, it starts out with an idea. Whether complex or simple, this idea will be among the foundations that will help you decide whether to push through with your business plans or not. Check out this list of 20 small business ideas for 2017 that you can get ideas and inspiration from.

Food Trucks 

They’re cool and attractive to all age groups. This is why it’s considered as one of those businesses that deliver a quick return on investments. Easily set-up, you should not expect any hassle when putting up a food truck.

Dog or Cat Daycare 

With the fast growing number of pet owners; this is one business idea you can look into. A pet daycare may not be common in your area, so it might give you a great opportunity to stand out and be the only one in your town or city.


If you have a passion for desserts, pies, and cakes, then this business is for you. With the help of social media and with unique creations, deciding to put up a bakery business will be as easy as pie.

Gift Baskets 

Everyone loves surprises and presents. You can start exploring the business of gift baskets where you can provide different types of presents for every occasion.


You don’t have to compete with Hollywood. With the available technology right now, you can try a business that will revolve around making short videos for different businesses, be it instructional videos or inspiring short videos that can go viral.

Graphic Design 

Hire skillful professionals who can work for your business. You can provide graphic design services to different clients. If you think you can’t find someone to work for you, consider hiring virtual assistants from staffing agencies or virtual assistant companies. This is one cost-effective method to put up a business and keep it running.

Dog Grooming 

Since dog owners increase by the year, it would be wise to put up a business that would cater to the demand.

Car Wash On The Go 

A mobile car wash service can provide busy individuals who can’t go to the car wash or clean their vehicles themselves with a quick and convenient service. Help them in cleaning their cars while they are parked in the mall or their offices.

Food Delivery Business 

Focus on establishments that don’t offer or have a delivery service. This allows you to cater to consumers who are willing to pay someone to deliver them the food that they want from establishments that don’t offer a delivery service yet.

Nursing Homes 

The need for them never goes down. Once you get over the challenges in establishing one, then you don’t have to worry about providing the service to clients.


Turn your hobby into a business. With unique and original creations, this will set you apart from the rest.

Organic Farming 

With people being conscious of what they eat and an increase in health awareness, providing organic products will be more profitable now than ever before.

Pest Control 

With people being aware of the health risks that come from dangerous pests and other creepy crawlies that may do harm, this is one business opportunity you can try out.

T-Shirt Printing 

Start providing customers with the designs they want and give it to them fast. From customized shirts to designs not available in retail stores, this business allows you to be flexible and to cater to the needs of all age groups. You can also provide uniforms for small businesses or create shirts for an awareness group.

Same-Day Delivery 

You just need people on motorcycles or bikes to run this business. Allowing individuals to retrieve items that they may have forgotten at home or just to deliver flowers to a loved one almost instantly is a great business idea.

Funeral Home Service 

As dark as it may sound, death is inevitable. This is why this business does not run out of customers. There will always be a need for funeral homes. 

Solar Panel Repairs 

The use of solar panels is rising, so there will be an increase in the demand to provide repairs and maintenance to these solar panels. If you have the technological know-how to conduct this business, then this would be one shiny idea.

Party Organizer 

This service helps busy clients prepare for a party. They just tell you what they want then it’s up to you to deliver. It will be your job to make the lives of your customers easier while you help them have the party of their lives.

Janitorial Business 

Focus your service on busy individuals who have no time to have their houses or properties cleaned. If you want to stand out, make your service 24/7 as well.


Financing gym equipment may be one of the challenges for this business. Once you get past that, expect people to go to your gym in droves. With the increase in health awareness, fitness gyms are always in demand. You just have to strategize on where to put it up and what rates you want to offer your future clients.

And there you have it! This list of business ideas will hopefully get you started in the right direction. Putting up a business is not easy. It would take focus, patience, and determination to succeed. What’s important is to start with the idea and grow from it. If you are passionate about a hobby, make it an inspiration to build a business around it. Conduct enough research and feasibility tests and see if you can turn your passion turn into a gold mine.



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