3 Quick and Easy Tips to Make Instagram Work for Your Business

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Instagram has established itself as one of the biggest social media platforms available today. The photo-sharing application has evolved from an app where you share your selfies and photos of food on to an app where businesses can promote their products and services. It opened up a whole new world for businesses to increase brand awareness and boost customer interest and loyalty through active engagement with the audience. By acknowledging the strong potential of Instagram and its benefits to your business, you can work on ways to make the most of this social media platform for marketing purposes.

Here are 3 quick and easy tips to make Instagram work for your business.

Create a story 

Simply posting a picture and an unimaginative caption will not cut it. You must have a well-thought-out post every time you decide to share photos or videos on your Instagram account. Stunning photos that have compelling captions and hashtags comprise the ideal formula to keep your followers interested and for them to comment and share your post on other social media platforms. This helps in promoting your business through different networks for free and without much effort.

Use memorable quotes or personal testimonies from previous customers to advertise your products; this gives a strong signal that your brand is genuine and personal. Use photos or videos that are relevant and that evoke emotions; these make your post interesting, and they’re something that the general public can relate to.

Add a instagram-3call to action 

Engage with your customers. This promotes brand awareness and strengthens customer bond and loyalty. Take a break from “buy this, buy that” posts. You can boost customer loyalty and awareness by giving back to your audience. Conduct call to action strategies that will enhance both brand awareness and customer relationship. For example, do an online contest wherein your target market would need to share your Instagram page to their account and garner enough likes to win a free product. You can also have an online raffle based on their account names when they follow and comment on your Instagram posts. These are just a few strategies to keep your Instagram relevant, interesting and fun to follow.

Customers always want something new and something they can take part in and get something from, and it’s your task to take advantage of this situation.

Collaborate with influencers and other popular personalities 

One way to promote your brand, product and business is to collaborate with popular Instagram users or influencers. You can provide them a free sample of your product and have them review it and share insights for their followers to see. They may not necessarily endorse your product, but having good reviews may give this impression. One important thing to take note of is that you need to choose an influencer who is connected to your field or industry, or at least relevant to your target market.

These are some effective tips that your virtual assistant or virtual secretary can use for your Instagram campaign. By including these marketing plans when you roll out your business plan, you maximize Instagram’s potential in terms of reaching out to customers so your business stays connected with them and for potential customers to be aware of your brand. Conducting a successful Instagram drive will increase sales that your business needs to grow and be successful.


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