Amazon 101: What is estimated win rate?

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Amazon previously introduced a new feature for their Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) paid advertising platform. They call this new feature the Estimated Win Rate (EWR). To know more about Amazon’s new marketing feature, here’s an overview.

What is Estimated Win Rate?

Also known as EWR, the estimated win rate is a campaign metric introduced by Amazon to help campaign managers determine the percentage of how many times a specified ad has won an ad auction. This information will help indicate why a certain ad auction is not performing and from there, campaign managers can decide if they need to make adjustments and come up with a better advertising strategy.

How does it work and what determines the win rate?

The win rate is based on 30-day keyword performance. The bid you set and the different qualities of your ad are major determining factors for the estimated win rate as well.


The EWR is a projection of the possible performance of an ad based on its previous performance. There are many factors which make the estimated win rate different from the  previous win rate. These factors are: competition, availability of the item (inventory), the number of bids, the calculation of ad relevance and the ad quality.

Up to date information

Estimated win rates are updated daily. This allows you to keep track and to have updated information before you start taking actions in improving your keyword usage and campaign in your Amazon ads.

Who benefits from EWR?

With Amazon’s new feature, businesses can gauge if they are properly maximizing the usage of their campaign keywords or if their chosen campaign keywords get the most mileage. It’s natural for a business to determine if they get the most out of their expenses and this is one way to help them do that.

Business owners can delegate their virtual assistants or virtual secretary to help them run their e-commerce or Amazon business to take advantage of the information that’s provided by the Estimated Win Rate.

From there, they can analyze the results and see if their keyword is performing well. One way to do this is to compare or correlate the results of the Estimated Rate Win and the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Businesses will be able to do this when they see that they have a high Estimated Win Rate but the Return on Ad Spend or ROAS is low. From here, a campaign manager or your virtual assistant can decide to change and improve the keyword that is likely not performing well.

Understanding how the Estimated Win Rate works and how it can benefit your Amazon business is essential to boost a brand’s success and a business’ growth. This also maximizes your keyword campaign’s effectivity. Your virtual assistant or marketing manager should be able to determine new or missed opportunities to increase sales, profit, and revenues in connection with your marketing or keyword campaign.

Without the Estimated Win Rate, it would take more time and effort in undertaking such a process. It would mean trial and error procedures while experimenting on figures in your spreadsheet. With the Estimated Win Rate, the figures will easily be available and your virtual assistant or marketing manager could easily determine what went wrong, what opportunities were missed, and how to overcome these missed opportunities in connection with your keyword campaign.


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