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Starting your own small company can be daunting in itself. What more if you have to learn about different online marketing strategies for small business owners? Take content marketing. It can certainly be overwhelming to learn everything about this subject. However, you don’t need to worry about grasping all relevant concepts. Focus on a few simple tactics and learn as you go along.

What is content marketing? Is it really worth it?

Content marketing is basically any type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of various forms of online content such as blogs, images, videos, etc. If you’re looking to increase your website ranking on Google, you should consider paying close attention to your content marketing strategy. However, this kind of marketing is not about promoting your brand as it is sparking interest in your products or services.

It’s also important to note that while content marketing does not directly contribute to sales, its role in the lives of consumers is apparent in all stages — from researching and educating themselves about the available options to the actual purchasing of products or services.

Content marketing also helps cultivate customer loyalty. Once you’ve established your authority, they’ll keep coming back to you for more info. It becomes almost automatic for them to turn to you when they have questions. This is awareness on their part — they simply know that you’re there.

5 content marketing hacks

In one of The Recipe for SEO Success’ podcasts, SEO copywriter and consultant Kate Toon talked about her favorite content marketing hacks. James Norquay, who has been doing digital marketing in Australia and the US for over 11 years, also joined in to share other tips and advice.

The two have created a meaty list of easy content marketing hacks for beginners, and here are five of them.

  1. Create long-form content.

Quality will take you farther than quantity. Coming up with one lengthy, comprehensive article would be better than producing multiple content that aren’t as thoroughly crafted. To give you a better idea on what topics to cover, you should look in your own industry. See what your competitors have done and aim to do better. Think of how you can make the best piece of content that will entice users to share.

  1. Get influencers on your blog.

Feature an industry expert on your blog and ask them if they could share your content to their followers. You might instantly think of getting a big shot with thousands of followers, but you should be prepared for the possibility that they won’t share your content — or worse, ignore your request. In this case, you might want to tap those that have less followers since they usually tend to have more solid following although smaller in numbers.

  1. Use survey data to create content.

FGDs are almost a thing of the past. Using software or online tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Consumer Surveys is a more practical method these days. It also enables you to reach out to people in your email list. However, make sure that you’re formulating questions that are relevant to your business and that people would want to know the answer to. This way, your respondents would be more engaged in answering them, and you’ll get more reliable results and conclusion for your piece.

  1. Write case study-based content.

Case studies can be in the form of written content or video. They easily show your potential customers actual examples of what you can do to help them with their needs.

  1. Produce comparison-based content.

Create content wherein your brand goes head-to-head with a competitor. Make comparisons based on pricing and various options offered by both businesses. This wouldn’t work for service providers, though. Comparison-based content will be more effective for businesses that have products with specific features that can be qualified — for instance, mobile phones being compared based on their operating systems, storage capacity, etc.

Of course, don’t forget or hesitate to promote the content you’ve worked hard to create. Share them on your social media pages and share them with the people on your email list.



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