The 7 Most Effective Colors for Marketing and Branding

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Colors have been known to affect human behavior and emotion. Have you ever felt relaxed when you see a sea of blue and green on the horizon? Do you feel alarmed or cautious when you look at a red-colored signage or a red signal during traffic?

According to a research made by the Seoul International Color Expo, 92.6% of consumers put importance on visuals when purchasing a product. To take advantage of this information for marketing and branding purposes for your business, here are the 7 most effective colors for marketing and branding.


The color red elicits a sense of urgency. If there’s something important you want to point out, putting it in red colors will guarantee that it will be noticed. Usually, texts in red are used to put emphasis on critical or urgent information. This can be used in promoting sales, especially for food products, as red encourages appetite and stimulates the body. It’s also considered as one of the best colors in marketing as it’s closely associated with passion and excitement.


Blue is identified with peace, harmony, relaxation and reliability. It provides a sense of security and safety. If you aim to increase trust in your brand, especially with new businesses, this is the color to choose. If your business relies mainly on trust and confidence, you can take advantage of this color. Most successful social media platforms use this color for primary branding.


The color green is associated with nature, tranquility, abundance, health, growth and the environment. If your business or product is closely associated with nature, choose green as your primary branding color. Green relaxes the eyes and the mind. It also encourages harmony, balance, and tranquility.


Black is closely associated with power, authority, boldness, elegance, strength and stability. You can use this color to market your product as something that can empower the customers. Something that would give them the edge thru authority, power or intelligence. It’s also advisable not to overuse the color as it may be overwhelming and some consumers may turn away from your brand.


White is associated with cleanliness, purity, piety, and safety. If your product wants to project simplicity, pureness and starting on a clean slate, then white is the best color to use. Health products, beauty products, and gadgets can use this color to market their products.


Yellow, closely associated with the color of the sun, is identified with energy, mornings, cheerfulness, and optimism. If you want to catch the attention of impulsive buyers, yellow will do the job. Yellow also stimulates the brain and promotes an energetic and enthusiastic response.


Purple is synonymous with royalty, wisdom, and respect. Just like white, purple is often used to promote beauty products. The color also helps stimulate the brain to promote problem solving and creativity.

Always remember that a purchase is influenced by first impression, so be sure to make a positive impression at a glance. With this knowledge, your virtual assistants or virtual admins should be able to help you map out and run your marketing plan in a way that utilizes colors effectively. There are tons of virtual assistants that are not only skilled in admin jobs but are also efficient in brand marketing. Maximize the tools and knowledge provided so positive results can come out of your marketing and branding strategies.


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