Email Marketing 101: How to get started

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Email marketing is one of the best tools for increasing brand awareness, sales and revenue and boosting customer loyalty and engagement. However, to properly run an effective email marketing campaign, you have to prepare properly. Here are some tips and information on how to get started on email marketing.

Market research

Your email marketing campaign should start on the right foot. One way to help you do this is to establish and understand who your target audience is. From this information, you can then brainstorm and formulate your approach for reaching out to your target audience. Gather enough information about your target audience so you can reach out and connect with them in the most efficient and effective way.

Pick a theme

By determining who your target audience is, you can then decide the theme or approach you want to use. You can then choose what type of email you will be sending out to your target audience so they can be persuaded to buy your product or avail the services you provide. You can send those emails about an upcoming sale or an email about business tips in connection with your brand. You can also send call-to-action emails so that you can elicit interaction and participation from your market while you also gain in return.

Follow a publishing calendar

To keep things organized and well managed, it’s advised to make use of a publishing calendar. By using a publishing calendar, you can keep track of what emails you have sent out, the date and time and how many you’ve been sending on a weekly basis. You can monitor all of this once you use a publishing calendar.

You don’t want to overwhelm your target audience as much as you don’t want to send out marketing emails on the wrong day and at the wrong time. This can be prevented by planning your strategy and making use of a publishing calendar.

Email marketing service

You can use the best email marketing service that fits your business plan and email marketing plan. You should always look into the delivery success score and its efficiency in connection with your business model and marketing plan. There are a lot of popular email marketing services that you can use, each with their different set of advantages and disadvantages. You can try out and check the best application or service for reaching your customers that would properly fit in with your business model.

Test and improve your emails

As you run your email marketing campaign, you will make adjustments depending on what doesn’t work well and what gives you more positive results. Changes in the subject line, content, images, fonts, colours and even call-to-action buttons can be done depending on how the reader or the potential customer response to your previous email. Your aim is to improve every time you send out emails. Even if you receive a good amount of positive responses, the need to improve and optimize your emails will not end.

The good news is that with all the information above, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. Assign these admin jobs and admin duties to your virtual assistant. Work with your virtual secretary to properly plan out and execute your business’ email marketing campaign. Remember the importance of email marketing and its potential to provide you with new customers and how it can keep your current customers loyal. By following the steps mentioned above, this will have a positive impact on your email marketing campaign and your aim to reach your business goals.


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