7 Best Tools for Small Business Owners

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With a multitude of established brands based on the web, starting an online business can get intimidating. It is very challenging to rise above the rest and be widely recognized. However, with unyielding determination, genuine customer service, and effective strategies, your small business could definitely grow into something bigger.

Of course, getting there requires every ounce of hard work you could muster. You could hire a virtual secretary to help you out and provide administrative support. However, you also need certain tools to carry out projects in an organized and seamless manner.

Check out these five tools that are most recommended for small business owners.


Trello is an efficient project management tool that allows you to collaborate with your team. You can create a specific card for each project and organize tasks into categories like completed, in-progress, or pending.


MailChimp is an email marketing platform that offers a collection of easy-to-use newsletter templates. If you want your emails to look more like your brand, you can also customize to create your own design. Tons of businesses are using MailChimp to prettify and make their emails more engaging.


Survey is still a reliable method of gathering valuable insights from your own target market, and SurveyMonkey is a convenient tool for creating surveys and forms. You can choose from the available templates and customize fields in order to come up with a survey that will best get the information you need.


Finance is a gruelling aspect of any business. It requires a high level of organization, and utilizing an accounting software will certainly make things easier for you. Freshbooks allows you to generate invoices as well as track time and expenses. It’s easy to navigate, so onboarding with this program won’t cause you headache.


Through Shopify, you can offer the purchasing of your products online. This ecommerce platform also enables you to accept different currencies, so buyers will definitely find it convenient to order products from you. This online shopping cart is fully customizable, so you can design its look to suit your branding.


Providing customer support will certainly boost your clients’ satisfaction. There are many challenges to this type of service, but the good thing is you can use ZenDesk to streamline your response time and create a variety of support boards.


Wondering if the features of your website are enough for your customers, or if there are areas that need to be improved? You can use UserTesting to get a good grasp of your customers’ experience with regard to your site. This tool gives you in-depth feedback from real users who have visited your website.

Running a small business has its own set of challenges, but with the kind of technology we have today, there is always a solution to every issue that you’re facing. Whether your objective is to see a spike in your sales or to gain customer loyalty, there is surely an app that will help you meet that goal.

Have you tried any of these tools for your business? Let us know in the comments below how it helped you manage or grow your business.



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