10 Free CRM Solutions for Startups

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Growing your business requires building up your contact list. However, managing this kind of information can get difficult due to the tendency of keeping customers’ and employees’ contacts in different spreadsheets, notepads, and whatnot.

Even if you hire a virtual assistant to handle data entry, tracking and updating information can still get messy and confusing. That is why it’s a great advantage to have a CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool for your own business.

Why you should have a CRM

Apart from organizing your contacts, a CRM is also helpful in tracking sales and other metrics. Having these data will effectively show whether your team is performing well or if there is something that needs to be improved in your current process.

You can also create sales forecasts, which will definitely help if you want to be proactive in carrying out initiatives. It will also make your process go smoother.

Free CRM solutions that you can try

Getting a CRM for your business, especially if you’re a startup, doesn’t need to be pricey. In fact, you can event get a CRM for free.


HubSpot allows you to access a full deck of CRM features for free as long as the number of your contacts is within one million. You can also have as many team members as you want to use the system.


AgileCRM is free for up to ten members and 25,000 contacts. It allows 1GB per user, and it is best used for scheduling meetings with clients.

Google Contacts

You can utilize Google Contacts and all its features for free. Its main restriction is that it is basically a personal CRM. However, if you want to keep everything within your Google account, this is a great tool to try.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has built-in office tools, so you can do a variety of tasks using this software. It is free for up to ten members and 25,000 contacts.


Insightly is very simple, yet this CRM is packed with features that are perfect especially for small businesses. It allows you to keep 2,500 contacts as well as two users for free.


If you’re looking for a more advanced CRM system, TeamWox might just impress you. Its functionalities will enable you to manage tasks, teams, and service desks. This CRM is free for up to five users.


Workbooks is the CRM you need if you’re aiming to boost sales and get the most ROI. This software is free for up to two users, and it comes with free online support as well.


Streak is an awesome CRM because it is customizable, and you can integrate it with your Gmail. You can also utilize its full features for free; however, it is for personal use only.


Cloze is a great tool to use if you want to figure out the relationship between your contacts. This CRM is free for personal use and  for up to 25,000 contacts.


Interakt allows you to follow up on contacts automatically, so you don’t have to worry about missing an opportunity because you forgot. It’s also free for personal use, and you can manage up to 5,000 contacts.

Have you tried any of these CRM solutions? Share with us which software best suited your needs.


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  • Quincy

    I don’t usually write reviews and comments, but decided to share my opinion concerning the free CRM solutions. My experience working with so many CRM systems lets me say for sure that there is no fully free CRM. If there is one, it definitely has drawbacks and limited features. When I first started to use CRM for my business, I turned to free software, but every time I faced such problems as small functionality, small number of tools and features. These systems are for those organizations that have several customers and leads. Although there is always an opportunity to freely install a system and then upgrade it depending on your business needs. Bpm’online turned out to be the best solution for my business as I have installed a free version then started to upgrade to its updates. However there are several other systems you have mentioned that I have previously used and I think they are not bad, among them are Zoho and Hubspot.

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