6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Running a small business may sound easy, but it’s actually a complicated matter that needs proper planning and execution to ensure the smoothness of operation.

There are times, however, that both business owners and employees may feel overworked and overwhelmed that they tend to look somewhere else for help. To give you an idea, here are 6 reasons why your small business should hire a virtual assistant.

Save money on rent and office supplies

Since you’ll be hiring VAs as your workforce, you won’t need to rent office space to accommodate your virtual employees. This allows you to save money on office rent, office supplies, and computers and software. Since your virtual staff will be working remotely, it’s expected that they already have their own computers, software, and internet connection as well.

Hiring VAs is cheaper in the long run

Generally speaking, the average salary of virtual assistants is lower compared to office employees. But what really makes it cheaper is that business owners are not obligated to pay for the benefits and taxes of VAs. This is considered a big cut in the costs of starting and maintaining a small business.

Save time and resources for training

Spending time and resources in training VAs is not a requirement. Usually, when a small business hires a VA, they already have the skillset and knowledge needed to work and contribute to the organization. Probably the only training a VA undergoes is connected with the specific tasks to be given, but for general knowledge on certain procedures, programs, and applications, it’s already expected from a VA.

VAs help the business grow

Aside from helping you out with the tasks you assign them, VAs are huge contributors to the growth of a business as well. By hiring a VA, managers and business owners have more time to focus on more important matters like new business opportunities or expansion opportunities that will greatly help a small business grow and succeed. Business owners can delegate different tasks to their VAs to allow them to attend meetings, seminars and other functions that will open doors to growth and expansion.

Social Media

There are VAs who are skilled in social media marketing and management. This means that as a business owner, you don’t need to spend time answering and managing your business’ social media accounts. This kind of task should be assigned to your VAs while you go and look for other opportunities and strategies your business may need in the near future.

VAs will handle the tedious administrative tasks

VAs are known for being patient, determined and organized. This is why VAs are hired to handle tedious tasks that no business owner or manager should be doing. These tasks include cleaning your inbox, sending emails to different customers and business partners, and gathering leads to name a few. These are time-consuming tasks that business owners should not waste their time on as they should be handling other concerns of the business.

The 6 reasons mentioned above on why your small business should hire a VA should be enough proof that hiring VAs is cost-effective and is proven to deliver excellent results for both your business and yourself as a business owner.


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