5 Weird Marketing Strategies That Actually Worked

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Having their business grow and succeed is every business owner’s dream. Marketing plays a big part in a company’s success, and thinking out of the box is a good strategy to conduct your marketing plan. Setting limits may hinder business growth, so make sure that you leave no stones unturned when drafting your marketing plan.

To give you an idea of the benefits of thinking outside the box, here are 5 weird marketing strategies that actually worked.

Free air guitars 

Quick overview: air guitars are imaginary guitars that pop up whenever people copy guitarists doing their thing. If you’re familiar with this, then you must be shaking your head right now. This is probably one of the craziest and low-budget marketing strategies that worked. This was conducted by a local radio company called Rock Radio 96.3 in Scotland, wherein provided free air guitars to listeners. The company had set up obviously empty racks of air guitars with a sign that says “Free Air Guitar: Please take one.” A weird marketing strategy it is, but it was effective. It went viral and soon people were interested with this upcoming radio station.

Reverse Psychology 

Who names their business as the worst in the industry? The answer: Rudy’s BBQ. Located in Austin Texas, this BBQ joint has declared itself “The worst BBQ in Texas.” It’s probably not the typical marketing move to promote a product and service, but their tagline worked wonders. Because of their tagline being the worst, people have flocked to see, taste and judge for themselves if this establishment lives up to its name. Sometimes sarcasm works. Today, it’s even considered as one of the best in Texas.

Museum for a month 

A contest run by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago allows one winner to live inside the museum for 30 days. The winner got paid just to live inside the museum, but the winner had to report or share his thoughts and experiences through different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The winner also became one of the attractions of the museum as well which led to an influx of visitors. The museum eventually earned from this strategy and also promoted the atmosphere that it’s cool to visit museums for learning and entertainment.

Oreo’s snack hack videos 

We all know how tasty Oreos are and how they match up deliciously with milk. But Oreo decided to raise the bar. As a strategy, they came up with few short videos showing how their product can be used in different types of snacks, new recipes that you can use and mix with ice cream, pies, and cakes. This brought out a new perspective on how flexible Oreos can be as a snack. They also encouraged their viewers to make their own snacks using their product. This has spread through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, etc. This in turn increased sales and boosted product interest. Anyone craving for Oreo-crusted chicken tenders?

Increasing sales with a cause 

Colgate, with help from an ad agency in Thailand decided to raise awareness on the importance of brushing your teeth after you have eaten your snacks. The “Don’t Forget” campaign method was for Colgate to work with a local ice cream manufacturer to have their ice cream sticks be shaped like toothbrushes with the logo of Colgate. Once consumers were finished with their ice cream, what they’ll see is the “ice cream stick” toothbrush with the Colgate logo and a reminder not to forget to brush their teeth. This has boosted the company’s image and sales. Everybody gained from this weird marketing strategy as it also boosted the ice cream’s sales.

These are just some of the weird marketing strategies that actually worked. What’s noticeable is that these ideas are both risky and original; something unconventional that attracts people. You can use the same strategy by hiring virtual assistants skilled in marketing. There are tons of marketing and advertising professionals you can hire from virtual assistant companies or staffing agencies. As a business owner, don’t be afraid to take risks and experiment. Thinking outside the box has its benefits, and the results can be surprising.


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