5 Ways Promotional Products Can Inspire Customer Loyalty

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A lot of small businesses have emerged in recent years. Many of them have achieved considerable success, which encouraged other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own company. On one hand, this is great because it breeds more opportunities for other professionals as well. However, it can also make it harder for newer or smaller businesses to get noticed by their market or to nurture customer loyalty.

Competition is tough in any industry especially with the significant role of technology in online business marketing strategies. However, it doesn’t hurt to go back to traditional means such as promotional products.

In an era where everything is digitized and virtual, customers appreciate receiving something that they can actually hold. Promotional merchandise can even make your brand stand out. Check out five different ways in which you can utilize promotional products and inspire customer loyalty. You’ll surely find these useful whether you’re starting an online business or a physical shop.



Offer promotional products as freebies when customers make a successful purchase, online or in-store. It’s best practice to place a minimum required amount for shoppers to avail the free items. Alternatively, you can create different levels of minimum purchase amount and assign a specific set of free products for every tier. This would incentivize customers to spend more and come back to take advantage of your other offers.


Giveaways in meetings

If you are meeting clients in person, you might want to take a small gift with you. This can show your appreciation for their time and trust, and it could set a nice end to your meeting. Make sure, though, that your gift is appropriate and professional-looking. It could be a branded flash drive, stationery, mug, bag, or even samples of your products.


Loyalty program

Promotional gifts can also be used in your customer loyalty program. By setting up a scheme where customers are rewarded for repeat purchases, you encourage them to return to your store time and time again. For example, if you own a massage spa, you can give your customer a loyalty card that gets stamped every time they make a visit. After getting a total of ten stamps, for instance, they can avail of a free massage service.



If your company is re-branding, promotional products can certainly help make new and existing customers aware of your brand. You can opt for any item that suits the new image of your business. Also, make sure that your new logo or business name is printed on the product.


Promoting new offerings

When launching a new product, you might want to make an effort in preparing promotional gifts as well. You can hand these out during your event or offer them for a limited time. Promotional items can help spread awareness on your new product and your brand.


It’s great to have a good website ranking in Google, but you should also be able to cultivate brand loyalty in your customers. Nothing beats providing excellent products and customer service, but promotional products can definitely aid in enticing customers to stick with your brand.

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