Simple Tactics When Competing with Big Box Stores

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Big box stores used to be the kiss of death for local businesses. There was a time when the introduction of a big box store to a community would mean the end for a small local shop. Thankfully, these days are gone now. A lot of consumers have shown tremendous respect and support for small businesses, and this has encouraged new ones to pop up and challenge the big box stores.

Nevertheless, support from customers may not be enough to keep a small company afloat. Many factors usually come into play, and most of them are basics on how to start a small business. Always keep these in mind and customers will surely love your brand over the big names.


Provide quality niche products

The great thing about big box stores is the exceptionally wide range of products they offer. They have everything from food items to power tools. People love coming to these stores because they’re a one-stop shop.

The convenience of shopping at big box stores is one of the biggest challenges for small shops. However, these big stores have limited space on their shelves. They can only carry a few styles, designs, or brands for every product — this is where your small business can find an opportunity. Instead of competing as a variety store, you might want to establish your business as a niche store. Focus on a certain type of product and offer more styles and designs of that specific product than big box stores. Don’t forget to ensure the quality and originality of the products as well.


Ensure excellent customer service

As an independent shop owner, you have the most advantage to provide personalized customer service. Unlike big box stores, you can focus on each customer and treat them like they’re the best customer you have. It’s about building relationships with them and making them feel like they’re also part of a community. This allows you to leave a lasting impression of how dependable your shop is.


Use social media to your advantage

Social media has proven to be a wonderful tool for SMEs, and it’s an inexpensive way to build your online presence. Through these amazing platforms, tons of businesses have achieved considerable success and reached thousands of customers. You can do the same if you also take advantage of social media. Use it to promote your store and your products and to connect with your customers. You can hire a social media virtual assistant to handle your pages. Staffing companies can help you find the best candidates for the job.


Make sure you have sufficient product knowledge

You and your staff should be the experts on the products you’re selling. This way, customers will know that your store is the place to go if they need information about certain products. This can also build trust for your brand and expand your customer base.


Competing with big companies is tough and intimidating, but it’s not a hopeless battle for small businesses. Believe it or not, these simple tactics can work effectively for you.

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