4 Mistakes That Will Doom Your Web Design Project

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If you’re starting an online business, you have likely been involved in the web design process at some point and to a certain degree. You also probably already know that how your website looks is crucial to grabbing your potential customers’ attention.

With so many other websites offering products or services similar to yours, it is important to make a truly impactful impression on potential customers. You can do this by creating a design that will set your website apart from the others.

Many things need to be considered when deciding on a design for your website. Here are just some common mistakes that you should avoid during the web design process.


Not listening to your web design team

Trust in the web designers you hired. After all, you hired them for their skills and expertise. They know more than just the basic principles involved in designing a website, so it’s best to listen to what they have to say. If you don’t agree on some things, open the lines for communication and be sure to really listen to each other’s points and reasoning. Be specific about what you want but always give them room to work their creativity.


Forgetting all about strategy

Be clear about the particulars of your design especially with regard to strategy. Web design doesn’t only have to look appealing; it has to serve a purpose too. It should help your business reach its goals. This is the reason why your website should be designed and organized in a way that’s easy for users to navigate.


Failing to create a responsive design

People use different devices when checking websites, and over the past few years, more and more people are using their mobile phones to go online. This means that your site should be able to adjust to any screen size. A responsive web design makes it more comfortable for users to browse through your site. This encourages them to stay on your website and possibly make a purchase.


Forgetting about inspiration

It’s great to be inspired by the design of existing websites especially those that aren’t connected or relevant to your industry. However, there are also other things that could be sources of inspiration for your web design. Art and design books are usually a good place to start since they can help you enhance your sense of good design. You can also try taking design classes; this can make you further appreciate and understand the web design process.


Of course, finding the a good web design team is just step one. Hiring full-time designers, however, would surely cost you a lot of money. That’s why you should look into virtual assistant companies. Through these staffing companies, you can easily find a skilled and qualified graphic designer virtual assistant who will carry your vision for your web design.

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