5 Must-Use Words When Writing Headlines

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A variety of things can make up a viral post, but there is no perfect formula that will ensure that your content will spread like wildfire on the internet. The best that you can do is to understand how different variables contribute to the success of your content.

One of the biggest factors that you need to consider is your headline. The headline is basically a sneak peek of what your content is all about, so it should be able to effectively capture your audience’s interest in a snap.

When creating headlines, it is important to choose your words carefully. Readers can judge your entire content based on your headline. For them, it’s either worth sharing or not worth clicking on it at all — it’s now or never.

To help you craft better headlines that will lure your audience to read on and share your content, take note of these five must-use words.

You and Your

These words easily tell the readers that the content was created for them — to benefit them in one way or another, whether it is by learning something new or getting tips or answers to their questions. The impact is also quite different as the content is obviously directed to the reader, which is pretty hard to ignore.


Insert an interesting figure in your headline and your content will surely receive a lot of clicks and views. Online readers love this because it readily gives them an idea on how concise or extensive your content is. Depending on the purpose of a reader, it could be better to use a lower or a higher number. Casual readers usually want to go over the main points only, so they get attracted to headlines with smaller numbers.

How To

This is a generation when a lot of people are interested in trying DIY projects. Whether it’s fixing cars or learning some makeup tricks, giving them tips on “how to” do this and that will certainly grab their attention.


“Why” is a key word when writing headlines because it promises an explanation to readers. It can also give the impression that the content is all about vital information.


Video content is becoming more popular to online users. Make sure to take advantage of this by indicating in your title or headline that your article includes a video as well. You can do this by simply enclosing the word “video” in parenthesis at the end of your title — for instance, 5 Ways to Defend Yourself in Dangerous Situations (Video). You can also incorporate the word in the actual headline, as in The Only Inspiring Video You Need to Watch Today.

Writing headlines is a tricky part of content creation; that’s why it can require a bit of your time as well. However, when you hire a virtual assistant, you can be sure that someone is really paying close attention to this task. Apart from admin support, you can also get a VA to assist you with the creative side of your marketing efforts.


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