5 Questions to Ask Before You Email Your Clients

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Email is a powerful and effective tool to reach your customers, and it’s quite helpful when starting an online business. It can help you build better and stronger relationships with your clients and even drive your revenue up.

However, it does not automatically lead to all of your ideal or desired outcome. You and your virtual assistant need to work on it and ensure that it is engaging and relevant enough to be read. Otherwise, emailing your customers would be like talking to the wind. You keep trying to communicate, but the truth is that you are just being ignored.

To ensure that you are using email in a beneficial way, here are five questions to ask before hitting that send button.

  1. What results do I want out of this?

Whether you want a certain number of users to try your new product or get more upgrades within the month, your goal should be clear to you. For instance, your product has a new feature that you want people to know about. In this case, you need to answer why you want to inform them about this — is it for them to find more use for your product and establish its relevance to them? Is it for them to try the new feature and decide if they would be willing to pay extra for it?

  1. What specific actions do I want my clients to take?

Your clients need to take certain actions before you can reach your goal. You can’t really expect them to give you your desired result immediately after reading your email. You need to guide them through it and allow them to take the steps that will lead them to the ultimate outcome.

In the case of a new product feature, you could offer a video tutorial of how it can be utilized; this will give them an idea about the uses and benefits of the new feature. Alternatively, you could offer a free trial (if it’s going to be a paid feature) so that your customers can have first-hand experience.

  1. How can I use the preheader text to my advantage?

A preheader text is like a snippet of the actual message, and you can use it in so many ways to make your email seem more enticing for your clients. Instead of just leaving the default preheader text as is, you can use it as a way to tease your reader into actually opening your email.

  1. Is my message straight to the point?

Do away with long and winding introductions. Your customers will appreciate it more if it takes only a couple of minutes to read your email. Always cut to the chase; this will make your clients more interested in what you’re saying. Make it a point to take away only a few minutes of your readers’ time.

  1. Will I be able to measure the performance of my email?

It’s best to have data from which you can set a benchmark. This will easily show you if you’re getting positive results from your email. This is only one way of measuring the effectivity of your email; you can formulate more stringent criteria to know if it’s delivering the results you want.

Email is definitely a great way to communicate with your customers. Learn everything you can to improve the quality of your emails, and you will surely reap valuable results.


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