5 Characteristics of a Good Logo

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McDonald’s, Facebook, Twitter, Toyota, and Chevrolet — listing down these brands alongside each other seems random, but what you don’t immediately realize is that they have one common denominator that played a crucial role in their success: a good logo.

A logo is not only an image; it represents something more. When you see it, you are actually being introduced or exposed to the company’s brand. With such a big responsibility, it’s only natural to get a good logo. This is especially true if you are starting an online business since it will be all over your website and social media properties.

Here are five characteristics that your logo should have, and we bet that your graphic designer virtual assistant will agree.

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Distinctive Design

The first and foremost characteristic of a good logo is that it has a distinctive design. Your logo is like your business. It should stand out when lined up against your competitors. With a distinct logo, your brand will have an advantage from the get-go because of brand recall. Customers will tend to remember your name simply because your logo is unique.


A good logo should always be relevant to what you or your business does and who your audience is.  Even if you have the most unique logo in the world, it won’t have a big impact if it fails to connect with your target market and isn’t really relevant to your business. Take banks for example. You won’t see any cartoon-ish images on their logos. Bank logos are very corporate and business-like.


A company’s logo will appear anywhere. It will show on the website, social media networks, print ads, billboards, and videos. It can even appear on various corporate materials such as calling cards, letterheads, and ID laces and uniforms. Point is, the logo should be versatile enough that it will still look good whether it is enlarged or compressed and when placed on different media and applications.


A logo shouldn’t be designed according to the latest trend. Trends come and go. A logo should be able to withstand the test of time. Although sometimes a logo can undergo some changes, those changes should be very minimal and subtle or else it would lose its identity. Always ask yourself before you decide on a logo, “can this logo stay relevant for 10 years?”


Remember, simplicity is key. A good logo is not filled with complicated things that might confuse the audience about what it is trying to convey. It should be able to directly engage the person who sees it. Scrap all the unnecessary elements! A simple but recognizable logo will make it easier for people to remember the brand.

What were the factors that came into play when you were still designing your logo? Did you hire a professional to make it? If you’re looking for a skilled and artistic graphic designer to create your logo, we’d be very happy to help.


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