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With every business utilizing social media marketing, it’s important for virtual assistants and social media managers and marketers to know how to run a flawless social media ad campaign on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms that businesses and consumers use, so you can expect increased traffic and a boost in leads and sales once you properly establish a well thought out marketing plan. To give you more insight on this, here are some tips on how to set up a Facebook Ad campaign.

Know what tool to use

It’s wise to choose what type of ad tool your campaign will be using. You have two choices: Ads Manager and Power Editor. Generally, businesses use Ads Manager as it deals with fewer details compared to the Power Editor which is widely used by advertisers and businesses who want more control on how their campaigns should be run.

Establish an objective

With over 10 objectives to choose from, you’ll need to have a clear-cut idea what your campaign’s targets are. Do you want to promote your page? Are you looking to boost your posts or are you aiming for more conversions for your website? These are some of the objectives that you can choose from. This aspect is important in setting up a Facebook Ad campaign for the purposes of setting expectations and gauging if your campaign is working or not.

Target a specific audience

The choice between targeting a general audience or a specific audience will closely be dependent on what your campaign objectives are. If you want to boost brand awareness, it’s likely that you’ll have no specific audience to target. But if you’re looking into conversions and traffic, it’s highly probable that you’re going to narrow your campaign’s focus to target a specific audience that would be interested in what you offer.

There are many filters or criteria for choosing your target audience. You can choose a group of people belonging to a specific location, age group, gender and even educational background. Make good use of these criteria in properly setting up your Facebook ad campaign to help you reach the target audience.

Consider your budget

Just like any other ad campaign, budget is a concern. Make sure you choose the correct budget depending on the length of your ad campaign. If you have an ad you just want to run the whole day, the daily budget is the proper choice. But if you’re looking into a long-term campaign, the lifetime budget is the one to choose as you can indicate the length of time you want your ad to run. It might be costlier than the daily budget, but it gives you more freedom to choose when your Facebook campaign starts and ends.

Create your Ad in accordance with your objectives

The appearance and function of your ad must be dependent on your objectives. Be it the links option or carousel wherein you get to feature different images, ensure that you properly make good use of its advantages.

Setting up a Facebook Ad campaign may be complicated, but the main idea is to get your objectives and targets straightened out. VAs and other virtual employees who would like to manage their client’s Facebook accounts should realize that every detail should be researched and planned properly for a smooth running Facebook Ad campaign.


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