How to Deal with Your First Irate Client

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Work-at-home jobs are getting more and more popular with people who want to be there for their families while providing for them at the same time. For starters, customer service jobs seem like the best choice for people who are beginning their careers in the virtual assistant industry. On the surface, the role seems simple. Handling customer concerns and talking to clients about their issues can seem like a an easy task to handle. But the reality is, it can be the most stressful and challenging job specially if you are dealing with angry clients who are adamant for a solution to their problems.

The good news is, handling this unpleasant situation can be managed well if you have the proper mindset and know-how.

Here’s what to do in case you face an irate client:

  1. Listen attentively

    . Before you pick up a call or answer any online query, have a mindset that customer service is really being able to be of help to those who need it. Realizing that these people are looking to you for solutions and not simply giving you an attitude is the best way to tackle the situation. Give them your undivided attention, and let them say their grievances so you have a better understanding. Avoid the temptation to interrupt them mid sentence. Let them vent out their concerns because ultimately, this will help diffuse the unpleasant mood that they are in.

  2. Do not take things personally.

    Remind yourself that these clients do not know you personally and that the cause of their grievances has nothing to do with you. Having a detached mindset will allow you to respond to a negative emotion without showing your own emotion. However, do not misunderstand this with being cold and aloof. In fact, you have to make a client feel that you are concerned and sincere. A good way to show this is by addressing them with their first names and being mindful of the tone and words that you use while conversing with them.

  3. Come up with a workable solution.

    What clients want in the end is a solution. Having to hear them air out their concerns will give you a better understanding of what your client needs. Address it right away by reiterating their concerns and then giving them solutions. This will make an irate client feel that you indeed listened well and that you are capable of helping them. In reality, after the mumbo jumbo dramatics, all they want is help. Give this to them and give it it to them with a smile.

  4. Reassure your client.

    Now that you have come up with a plan of action, reassure your client that you will execute the solution at the fastest possible time. Be realistic and do not over promise. The last thing you want is to set their expectation so high only to find them getting frustrated even more. Manage expectations from the get-go and make them understand the situation. A lot of patience is needed during this step. Your client may come off as close-minded and irate to the point that they want the solution instantly. Respond with kindness, remind them that you understand their frustration and that you will work until they are satisfied with the results.

  5. Make a follow up.

    After all that is said and done, being a good customer agent means following through with your promise. After the solution has been executed, follow up on the client and ask to check if all is well on their end. This will show class, professionalism and excellent customer service.

In the virtual assistant industry, you will go through many clients. Each client will be a lesson and will help you get better at the art of customer service. At the end of any seemingly unpleasant encounter, give yourself a pat on the back and set some time for yourself to take a breather. This is vital to help you reset for the next one. Best of luck!


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