Top 5 Project Management Tools for Virtual Assistants

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Managing projects and collaborating with fellow virtual assistants who probably live miles away can be challenging. The good news is that there are several tools that can help projects managers to work in sync with virtual assistants like you. The main purpose of these project management tools is to ensure that everybody is on the same page. To help you in properly managing your projects and tasks, here are the Top 5 project management tools for virtual assistants.


Trello is one of the handiest project management tools available online. The cloud-based online tool allows you to track the progress of your projects. It also shows who is currently working on specific tasks on the same project. This is important as it would save you time in determining who is responsible for a specific task and the progress they are making. You can create boards and customize them to your own liking. Once a task is done, you can drag the task/project board under the “Done” column. What’s cool about this is that updates are seen by everybody involved in the project. Comments and file attachments are also available for everybody to use in collaborating with each other.


One of the most popular online project management tools that allow virtual assistants to communicate with each other easily is Basecamp. It’s easy to set up different to do lists, tasks, and deadlines in Basecamp. This also allows everyone in the team to communicate in one place. With all the information on a project placed in one convenient location, everyone can see new updates, files, and tasks at the same time. You don’t need to send emails to ask for clarification or share your files; all you need to do is upload them in basecamp for the other team members to see.


Skype is a powerful communication tool for keeping in touch with other virtual assistants. This tool allows video calls, group calls, and screen sharing. It can be used for keeping up to date with your virtual staff and collaborating on certain parts of the project. It allows everyone on the team to collaborate and talk to each other and see how the project is going. File sharing is also available; this allows teammates to share projects and tasks in real time. It allows easy access to documents amongst team members. Skype is widely used because of the reliability of communication and security it provides.

Google Apps

You can also work on your projects using Google Apps such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Widely used by virtual assistants and managers, these tools provide an organized way of scheduling and managing projects. Google Calendar notifies everyone of meetings, tasks, and deadlines. Google Drive provides team members with a repository of resources they can use to do their tasks. Google Docs and Google Sheets can be edited in real-time for easy collaboration among virtual assistants working on the same project.


Jing is a free online tool that allows you to take screenshots and create tutorial videos for your team. It’s a popular and useful tool for virtual assistants who would like to show teammates where to go or what to do if they have trouble maneuvering a website. You can also use it to provide instructions on how to use different apps or tools in connection with their tasks.

Harmony and proper coordination amongst the virtual staff and the project manager lead to an increase in productivity. With improper coordination and mismanagement of tasks and projects, you’ll have trouble finishing your projects on time and you’ll also be wasting time and resources. Take note of the management tools we have provided above as these online tools will prevent any miscommunication and will promote smooth operations that will help you finish your projects on time.


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