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Content marketing is one of the skills most commonly sought by clients in virtual assistants. However, it’s not enough to know the rules of English grammar by heart and expertly weave words to express a variety of ideas. You should also know how to properly mold your content in order for it to appeal to a specific type of online audience.

Although there really is no solid rulebook when it comes to content creation, trends in content marketing constantly change. You need to keep up with these developments as the behavior of online audiences shift all the time as well.

That is why it’s important to keep up with the latest in content marketing whether you’re a newbie or a veteran VA. Here are three of the most awesome blogs that you can follow to stay updated with content marketing strategies, tools, and tips.


Dubbed by VentureBeat as “the bible of content marketing”, Copyblogger offers tools and valuable tips on creating online content. Its founder Brian Clark rolled it out in 2006 as a simple blog. Today, Copyblogger has grown to be a digital commerce company that provides content marketing education and online marketing and sales solutions; they’re now known as Rainmaker Digital. Read their articles ranging from helpful writing tips to online marketing insights.


Contently helps a lot of brands by creating great content and offering smart technology and content marketing expertise. Their blog tackles a variety of relevant categories including tech, media, social, etc. If you’re keen on learning insights from other professionals and content strategists, you would definitely enjoy reading the Voices section of their blog. All in all, Contently presents content marketing topics in a way that even someone who has little or no knowledge in the field would understand and be eager to know more.

Content Marketing Institute

CMI can help you get started whether you’re still trying to find your way in content marketing or working to get better results for a brand. It was founded in 2007 as Junta42, and during those times, CMI was already known for providing great service. Eventually, companies started coming to them for additional content marketing education. Now, they’re sharing their expertise in “compelling, multi-channel storytelling” with businesses and professionals. CMI publishes a bi-monthly magazine called Chief Content Officer. Subscribe or visit their archives to get your fill of content marketing ideas and updates.

Just like other aspects in digital marketing, content is fast-growing and evolving. That’s why, apart from practicing what you already know, it’s essential to continue learning new technologies and strategies relevant in the industry.

What worked a couple of years ago may no longer have any impact today; outdated strategies may be the reason why the content you’re creating isn’t being picked up by your intended audience. Moreover, if you know a lot about the industry, it will show in your work; you’ll be more confident in voicing your suggestions to the client. This will definitely help in making a good impression, and clients will likely consider you as a valuable asset to their business.


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