Stuck in a rut? Try these 7 ways to jolt your productivity

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Many virtual  assistant jobs involve quite a lot of repetitive tasks and mentally tasking work. Because of the nature of the job, it’s not surprising for many virtual assistants to feel as if they are stuck in a rut.

If you feel like your work has been so repetitive and that you’ve lost your inspiration to work hard, it’s time to take a break and reassess your habits. To help you get started breaking out of the rut, try these 7 ways to jolt your productivity.

Get some shuteye.

Taking a 15-minute nap can work wonders for your constitution, and it can get your creative juices flowing again. Don’t think about naptime as wasted time. There has been plenty of research done over the subject of sleeping during work hours, and researchers have agreed that a short nap can help increase productivity levels.

Take a walk.

A short walk does more than just give you a good cardio workout. Walking around the block or even just walking to get lunch or a snack can help reboot your brain. Taking in the sights during your walk can even trigger a spark of inspiration that can help you move forward with your task.

Go on Youtube.

Search for videos that are guaranteed to make you laugh. A nice laugh can give your body an endorphin boost which in turn can help your brain and body feel more energized to take on the rigors of daily work. Watching a short skit from your favorite show or a brief comedy routine might do the trick.

jolt your productivity

Have a snack.

Another thing that you can do during your break aside from taking a walk or a nap is to have a small snack. Just make sure that you’re snacking on something healthy! Eating unhealthy food might just make you sleepy or more sluggish. Stock up on healthy snacks like fruits, yogurt, celery or carrot sticks, and so on.

Make a to-do list.

A to-do list can help clean up the clutter in your head and set you back on the right track. Sometimes being stuck in a rut just means that you’re overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to accomplish. When you make a to-do list, you get a bird’s eye view of your tasks and are able to schedule them according to their urgency and importance.

Clean up your space.

Literally take some time to take out the clutter from your desk or workstation and chuck them to the trash bin. A clean working area can remove unnecessary distractions and help you feel focus on your work better.

Have a coffee break.

Coffee has always been a virtual assistant’s friend. Taking just a couple of minutes to have a cup of coffee will give you a much-needed caffeine jolt that can help send your brain in the zone. Another great idea would be to have a cup of coffee and then take a nap. This way, the caffeine kicks in just after you wake up and you will feel doubly energized.

Productivity is one of the most highly treasured skills that virtual assistance companies look for when they’re hiring, so it’s important to know how to jolt your productivity when you’re feeling like you’re in a slump. Try these tips and you just might be on your way to providing the best virtual assistant service there is.


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