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Being able to work from home is a blessing for most people, and if you are already a VA, consider yourself lucky. If you are considering becoming one, here are some helpful virtual assistant tips.

First, you should know about the pros of being a VA. The perks of working from home are pretty awesome, especially if you are keen on improving your work-life balance. Face it, the usual office set-up isn’t for everyone. Being pressured to stay within the walls of a certain area that is stiff and formal isn’t conducive to creativity for some. In addition, navigating public transportation and heavy traffic isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea. With these challenges, the decision to stay at home while still being productive is a very clever alternative. For some, it might even lead to a better and more fulfilling way of life.

Creating a good home office is a must.
This will support your craft and hopefully make you more productive. Do not make the mistake of settling for the couch or the bed. This can lead to distraction or bouts of lethargy. Instead, spend some time finding or even building a good spot where you can stay in the zone. Here are some tips on how to set-up a home office that is well-suited to productivity:

  • Natural light and proper lighting

    The sun is a great source of light that you definitely should take advantage of. It should be the first thing you consider when you’re searching for the perfect area for your home office. Situate your work space next to a window so that you can reap the benefits of natural light. Not only will it perk you up, it will also allow you to take in the scenery outside your home. Don’t forget to invest in a good study lamp that will illuminate your work area during the night as well. This will help you avoid eye strain and headaches. Proper lighting while working is vital. Always consider the energy efficiency rating before purchasing a lamp so that you can cut down on your electric bill.

  • A sturdy table and chair

    You do not need to purchase the expensive kind of work table and chair. What you need to consider is the quality. There are many reasonably priced desks and chairs in the market; you just have to shop around. Choose a chair that will give you ample back support. It should be comfortable but not too comfortable. Otherwise, it might make you fall asleep. As for the table, the size will depend on your personal preference.

  • Desktop or laptop

    Choosing between a desktop or a laptop is solely up to you and your budget, but always consider the specs. At 20four7VA, the minimum requirements include a Dual Core Processor and at least 2.00 GB RAM.

  • A reliable internet/Wi-Fi connection

    – The most essential part of your home office is the internet connection. Without this, you can’t get any work done. So invest in a good plan with your provider. It must be a connection of at least 2 MBPS or higher. In addition, it’s advisable to get a 1 MBPS plan or higher as backup connection.

Now that you have all the basics covered, how about some add-ons? The following items are great additions to your brand new home office as well.

  • Proper ventilation

    – Placing your work desk near the window might not be enough. Always have a fan ready for humid days. If the temperature is too unforgiving then by all means, get the air-conditioning running.

  • Indoor plants

    – Some greenery will sooth tired eyes, and these gifts from nature clean up the air as well. Try placing a snake plant or a money plant near your desk. They might even bring you luck too!

  • Motivational items

    – These could be pictures of your loved ones like your significant other, your children, a beautiful island or any motivational quote to keep you going. Let these remind you about your goals.

Let these virtual assistant tips serve as a checklist to help and guide you. If you have any suggestions, or if you have discovered some great tips to make your fellow VAs’ work life easier, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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