How Gratitude Can Boost Your Career

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These days, gratitude is constantly taken for granted. It’s probably because of how often people say ‘thank you’ in their daily lives. You thank your waiter after they bring your order to the table. You thank a stranger when they hold the door for you. You thank your family member for passing a dish across the table. People say thank you so often that they overlook how big of an impact it really creates in their lives.

As a virtual assistant or someone who does remote work, you might not think that expressing gratitude can give you a huge leg up in your career. Think again. These two simple words can open doors for you professionally in ways you can’t imagine.

The power of “thank you”

Saying ‘thank you’ helps you professionally in both little and big ways. Here are some examples on how a simple display of gratitude can work wonders for your career.


  • Gratitude helps you stay positive.

Your mental and emotional health plays a massive factor in how well you tackle your work. If you stay positive and keep yourself in a good place as often as you can, you are more likely to achieve greater things.


  • Thanking people gives you a great reputation

Being known as the person who’s always thankful can only help your career. People love the positive person at work who is always generous with praise and thanks. It helps boost your fellow VA’s or your client’s mood, and it only takes a few taps on the keyboard and second of your day.


  • Gratitude is good for your mental and emotional health.

Not only does gratitude help you stay positive, its overall impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing is a lot bigger. It helps you feel less envious of your fellow VAs, it helps you feel more relaxed or at ease with your position, and it helps you move through your workday without feeling unnecessarily competitive and stressed out.


  • Being thankful boosts your confidence.

Gratitude helps you gain confidence and builds up your self-worth. Because of this, you might be more inclined to widen your network and improve your professional and personal relationships.


  • Gratitude improves your physical health.

Did you think that saying thank you just affects you mentally and emotionally? Think again! Being grateful also helps you physically because of the indirect results of your mental and emotional peace. You can sleep better at night, you might feel more motivated to exercise and take better care of yourself, and you might even reduce your chances of getting sick.

Remember to express your gratitude

Now that you know how powerful your ‘thank you’ is, remember to use it as often as you can. Thank your fellow VA for helping you out with an unfamiliar task. Thank your manager or supervisor, if you have one, when they give you an opportunity to prove yourself. Thank your client for simply answering your question or taking your call.

If you want to go above and beyond, consider sending a thank you card or a lovely graphic in an email as well. These small things can really make a huge impact on your colleagues’ day. Remember, gratitude is free and it works wonders in boosting your career in the virtual assistance industry.

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