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Webinars are very trendy these days, and it’s not difficult to see why. Because so many companies and individuals are providing free webinars nowadays, more people can skill up or refresh their industry knowledge without having to pay anything at all. For people in the virtual assistance industry where things are constantly changing, the value of webinars is undeniable.

However, even though most webinars won’t cost you money, you will still have to pay for them in minutes and hours. Most webinars last up to one hour, and if you add those hours up, you can imagine how much time you’ve invested in learning.

Now the question is, was it worth it?

Not all webinars are created the same. Some are better, and some are worse. The challenge is how to find the webinar or webinars that will teach you the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of time. After all, a savvy virtual assistant knows that time equals money.

To help you get the most value for your time and effort, here are a few tips on finding out which webinars are worth it and which ones you should just forget about.


  • Check for downloadables.

Lots of webinars offer free downloadable resources that go with each episode or video. These often include a copy of their presentation, a summary of the content, and some notes from the speaker or teacher. Quickly scan through them to know the gist of the webinar and then decide whether the contents are worth your time.


  • Do your research.

Before spending your precious time on a webinar, make sure you do a background check first. See how many people have watched it and try to find reviews if any. Industry forums are a great place to look for reviews and recommendations on webinars.


  • Speed watch a previous episode.

There are many ways in which a webinar might fail to boost your knowledge. Even when a webinar is packed with helpful information, you might find that the instructor can’t keep your attention. Maybe you don’t like their voice or the way they present the information. These small things might seem nitpicky, but they can really affect the way you take in all the data presented to you. And there’s really no point wasting time on a webinar when you can’t retain what the discussion is about.

There are a LOT of webinars out there on all sorts of topics. You can afford to be picky. Speed watch an old recording of a webinar to see if you like the flow of the discussion, the tone of the instructor, and other similar factors that can affect your learning.


  • Always check the schedules.

No matter how amazing a webinar is, if you can’t stay awake through the entire thing, then you’re just wasting your time. Make sure the webinars you’re attending actually fit right into your schedule. If you really like a webinar but not its schedule, then just watch their recorded videos instead of forcing yourself to attend the live sessions. It might not be as interactive, but at least you can watch them at a time when your brain is working at its peak.

Webinars are truly amazing resources for remote workers and regular office employees alike. However, before you start watching or subscribing to any webinar, you need to determine if it’s worth the time and effort first — especially if you’re going to actually pay for it. Use the tips above to make sure that you’re getting the most out of webinars.

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