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Before you go about looking for tips on how to make your writing friendly, you first have to understand what friendly online writing actually means. When people talk about friendly online writing, it can mean two things: user-friendly writing or SEO-friendly writing.

When asked to write friendly content, a content writer virtual assistant might become confused. Does this mean that your article has to be easily digestible and entertaining for the reader? Or should it be keyword enriched for search engine optimization or SEO?

In most cases, friendly online writing means both.

Content that is well suited for online business marketing purposes should be fun to read and be shareable, and it should also be attractive for search engines. The careful balance between both factors leads to top-notch friendly online writing.

Want to try your hand at friendly online writing? Here’s how:

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Carefully choose keywords to include in your article.

Dumping a ton of keywords in your article is completely useless. For one, it makes your article look like spam for search engines. For another, it compromises the structural and artistic integrity of your article. No one wants to read an article that is peppered with keywords but has barely any useful information. For SEO and user-friendly content, prepare a select few keywords and distribute them seamlessly throughout your article.

Know your audience.

It’s highly improbable for your content to cater to people from all walks of life. Your client most likely has a target market, and this is the audience you should be crafting your writing for. Know the language your audience speaks, whether it’s teenage slang or academic jargon, and mold your article accordingly.

Use friendly, easy-to-understand lingo.

Use language that your audience understands. Good online writing means that your articles are easy enough to understand so your audience’s attention span doesn’t wander. If you write articles that are too wordy or create content that uses barely understandable terms, your reader won’t stay long enough to read the entire thing.

Break up your content into easily digestible sections.

Breaking up your content into small paragraphs is attractive to both the online reader and search engines. For readers, it gives them a smoother reading experience. For search engines, this means that your content is less likely to be spam.

Enrich your content with various forms of media.

Still photos, animated GIFs, infographics, and videos are just some of the forms of media that will enliven your content. Aside from making your articles more attractive to users, they can also be very helpful for SEO. Pages enriched with various forms of media are given priority over plain text pages. Pages that have photos or videos are also a lot more shareable, and shares over social media are a contributing factor to your pages ranking higher on search engines.

Friendly online writing means that your content should appeal to both readers and search engines. By following the tips above, you have better chances of getting the content your website, blog, or social media pages noticed and shared.



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