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Learning does not stop when you start your career as a virtual assistant. The fact of the matter is, once you enter the virtual assistance industry, you’ll soon realize that new skills must be constantly learned and developed.

Learning new skills will not only help you in your daily tasks as a virtual assistant, it will also give you an edge over other VAs. To give you an idea about the best skills to develop, here is a list of in-demand skills that you can study online for free.

Multimedia skills

Alison offers a free course in multimedia development. This course will teach you how to create stunning visual effects, videos, animations and graphics. According to Alison, this specific course will also allow you to learn different multimedia tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash, Audacity, Director MX and Adobe After Effects. The course runs approximately 15 hours and teaches you basic techniques and different tools used by graphic designers to create attractive and compelling content that can be useful if you run a marketing campaign, or design a website.

Google Analytics and SEO

With the growing popularity and necessity of online shopping, social media marketing, website and content development, the competition for website traffic has become in-demand. Virtual assistants who have knowledge in SEO are considered valuable. Understanding and running an excellent SEO campaign can make or break an online business. This is why this skill has been in demand and is continuously considered as essential in this age of e-commerce.

Inbound marketing

Having skills in inbound marketing allows you to learn how to attract potential customers through compelling content and various methods of effective communication. This also means that you’ll be able to learn how potential customers can find you through different platforms like blogs, different search engines, and numerous social media platforms. The knowledge needed in running different applications and programs is important, but it’s also beneficial for you and for the campaign that you’ll be running if you have skills in inbound marketing as well. With the skill and knowledge in inbound marketing, you’ll be able to maximize the different tools and methods in running a marketing campaign that would be assigned to you.

Project management

Since there’s a good number of virtual assistants who work on a per-project basis system, it’s highly recommended that virtual assistants have skills in project management. This teaches you how to interact with different clients, how to deal with different challenges and how to properly manage a given project. Because it’s considered as an essential skill, there are now free courses offered online for learning project management.

Above are the in-demand skills that you can study online for free, so make good use of the internet and learn new things each day as much as possible. “Knowledge is power” might be a cliché, but it’s a truly valuable statement, especially if you want to succeed in being the best virtual assistant out there.


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