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Some clients give a list of topics they specifically want for their blogs, while others simply let VAs think up of blog ideas on their own. Both of these setups have their own pros and cons.

With the former, you don’t need to allot a certain time period for brainstorming; you can go straight to writing your article and avoid wasting time deciding on what to discuss in your blog post. However, this can also be limiting as there will surely be times when you feel that a different topic would be better.

Of course, you can always approach clients and tell them your ideas, but the freedom of choosing topics on your own cuts the process of pitching – approval – writing. This is the main advantage of the latter setup. It’s also thrilling to be in control of the content as it gives you more room for creativity. However, when you have been writing for a client’s blog for so long, it can eventually get harder to come up with topics to write about.

Here are three ways for you to churn out blog ideas and efficiently keep a content calendar.

Find out what topics interest your audience.

Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. If you were searching about a service or product that your client is offering, what are the specific things that you would like to know about? Certainly, you’d want to be informed about the advantages and disadvantages, the benefits, the factors to be considered, etc.

From these general topics, you can come up with more specific ideas. For instance, you can zero in on one main advantage and discuss how it can personally benefit the users. If you have the resources, try to write case studies and feature real people who have used the service or product and how it helped them with their needs.

What’s trending on social media?

Check the trending topics on Facebook, Twitter, etc. If there’s anything relevant to your client’s product or service, ride that trend and write an article about it. This way, you can ensure that your content is current, relatable, and shareable.

Get ideas from competitors.

Note that this isn’t about copying the competitors’ blogs and spinning their articles — this will only get you in trouble. Instead, you could go through their blogs to find out which posts have gotten a lot of engagement. List down the topics of those articles and do your own research. Aim to make your blog post more informative and organized; you can also try using a different angle or focusing on one specific aspect.

Don’t forget to keep a list of your blog ideas so that you can easily refer to it whenever needed. If an idea suddenly strikes you, make sure to jot it down. You can also read the comments of blog readers. This can give you a good assessment on whether you’re providing the content they need or not. Sometimes readers can also give you ideas on what other topics should be covered on the blog.


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