8 Hard to Resist Opt-in Offer Ideas for Small Business Owners

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There is a variety of online business marketing strategies that you can use to increase your sales. One of them is building your contacts list and staying in touch with your clients to update them about your products or services, promos, and other specials.

However, people won’t simply give their email addresses to you. Thus, when starting an online business, it’s important to come up with irresistible opt-in offers that would make customers sign up.

Try these opt-in ideas and you’ll certainly see a boost in sign-ups.

Free e-book

This is the most popular opt-in strategy offered by small businesses, and the best thing about it is that your e-book doesn’t have to contain hundreds of pages. E-books can be as short as ten pages, but if it can provide valuable insights, customers would willingly want to get a copy of it for free.

Free course or workshop

Conducting a crash course or workshop will establish your expertise, and customers will likely trust you more because of the information you are able to share with them. To have an idea about which topics to cover, you might want to check the articles you have already published and find out which content garnered the most interest and attention.

Free downloadables

Articles, cheat sheets, checklists, printables — basically anything that could help make the lives of your customers easier. Just make sure that you’re providing them content that can’t be found on your website for free.

Video tutorials

Offer your customers different choices in terms of the type of medium they want information to be delivered. Some people may prefer reading articles, while others find it easier to absorb new knowledge when listening. Video tutorials are also great for demos where you can show customers the amazing features of your product or service.


Come up with a contest where winners can get a prize — for instance, a minor product that you’re offering. Make sure that you’re not giving away your main product. Otherwise, people will only feel that they want to win and not to actually purchase from you. One way of doing this is by offering discount coupons as a prize; it could be a promo within your own business or a tie-up with another enterprise. By joining your contest, people are effectively giving you their opt-in information.

Physical products or service trials

It doesn’t have to be the main product you’re offering. For example, you can send a digital CD about your products plus a physical discount voucher that they can use to buy in a store. You could also offer free trials in exchange for signing up to your email list.


Surveys can accomplish two things: (1) they can show you the pulse of your market, and (2) you can get a lot of opt-ins from them. You can secure opt-ins by telling the participants that you will be sending them the results of the survey. This can also be an effective way of reminding customers about your brand.

Members-only specials

Create sweet deals for your subscribers and nonsubscribers; they will definitely want to get the same discounts, limited offers, or first dibs on your latest products or services. Ensure valuable offers so that you can actually get conversions.

Getting one or two of these things done may require an extra hand, so you might want to consider hiring a remote assistant to provide administrative support. It will surely make things a lot organized for you.


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