15 Blogs Every Virtual Assistant Should Follow This 2017

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Being a virtual assistant means that you should always be on the lookout for new resources that allow you to learn new strategies, ideas, methodologies and even applications to boost your career as a VA.

To help you achieve this objective, we have compiled a few blogs that could provide you information and new perspectives on life as a virtual employee. Here are 15 blogs every virtual assistant should follow this 2017.

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel’s blog is probably one of the most popular and helpful blogs being read by virtual assistants. Neil Patel’s blog offers comprehensive information regarding digital marketing, website traffic, sales, SEO, and everything about increasing brand awareness and sales. If you’re a digital marketer, this blog is truly valuable.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is the founder of the SEO monitoring website called Moz. His blog provides in-depth tips on how to increase your website’s SEO ranking to gather more traffic and leads. His blog also has numerous contributors so you’ll also be able to hear out ideas not only from one man. The blog also offers free SEO tools you can use to monitor and check your site’s SEO performance and ranking.

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan is considered one of the experts in the field of SEO and SEM. Being a VA who handles tasks connected with SEO; it would be wise to follow his blog. The blog provides reviews, news, and commentary on different topics regarding technology, the internet, SEO techniques, and innovations.

Drew Hendricks

If you want to learn more about social media marketing and the different strategies that come with it, Drew’s blog is one of those you should follow. With more than 99 SEO endorsements, you can’t go wrong with Drew.

Peter Shankman

Peter, who runs ShankMinds, is a successful entrepreneur who is able to inspire and share ideas to VAs all around the globe. With his vast experience in the business world, his blog is truly is worth following.

Your Virtual Assistant

This blog offers tips on how to be a productive VA. It also provides tips on how to write properly and how to develop your career as a virtual assistant.

New Advice VA

If you’re a new VA and you’re having doubts if this career path is for you, following this blog will surely provide you encouragement and tips on how to enjoy working as a virtual assistant and how to have a better understanding of the VA world.

Online Business Manager

Since working as a virtual employee means that you’ll need to meet the targets and demands of your client, it would be better to have a clear idea on how to achieve this goal. This blog provides just that, clear tips and guides on how you can meet the demands of your clients efficiently.

Virtual Miss Friday

Michelle’s blog covers areas that most virtual assistants encounter. It has more of that personal approach because this blog also shares real-life situations that any VA can relate to. It shares advice and experiences on how to become a better VA and how to overcome challenges along the way.


The VA industry is fast becoming competitive. So if you want to have that edge over other virtual assistants, it’s better to stock up on different knowledge concerning strategies and business trends. Entrepreneur is able to provide different resources you could use to help you become the best VA in the market.

The VA Handbook

The VA Handbook is a comprehensive source of information on the ins and outs of being a VA. It also provides training that can help you improve your skills as a competent and productive virtual employee.

Shawn Collins

If you’re tasked to do affiliate marketing, Shawn Collins is the guy to follow. With his vast experience in affiliate marketing and his credentials in the industry, you’ll be able to learn a lot from what he shares of his experiences and learnings in the industry.

Heidi Cohen

With impressive skills in marketing and public relations, you can learn a lot on how to communicate with different types of people. Cohen’s strategies and tips will allow you to be a more effective communicator while you raise brand awareness for your client’s business.

Brian Clark

The founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media is worth following if you want to learn more about the importance of using the correct keywords in your aim to increase site traffic. Considered as a marketing mogul, expect to learn new ideas to help you drive traffic and help your client increase sales.

Mike Stelzner

If you’re seeking exceptional social media marketing strategies, Mike Stelzner is the guy you should follow. His blog offers different approaches to achieving desirable results in connection with social media marketing.

The virtual assistance industry has become competitive. With help from the blogs mentioned above you’ll be able to have that edge over other VAs.  Remember, to become a reliable and competent VA, your mind should be like a sponge, ready to take in all the information you need to be able to become the best in what you do.


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