7 Career Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

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These days, it’s not unusual to seek legitimate advice about your career from social media. After all, plenty of career experts give out sound advice on platforms where more people are bound to hear them, and in the days of the internet, that place is on social media.

If you have been wanting to clean up your resume and brush up on your job hunting skills (and more), you can do so by reading piping hot advice from career experts — in 150 characters or less! To get you going, here are 10 career experts you should follow on Twitter.


Hannah Morgan, the woman behind Career Sherpa, provides no-nonsense advice when it comes to looking for job prospects. The job search is a difficult endeavour; it’s even more so for people looking for career opportunities in the virtual business world. Morgan understands how important it is to stand out from the crowd, and she helps her followers make sure that their resume always lands on the top pile.


Executive Editor for Directors & Boards and PrivateCoDirector, Former journalist for NBC News, The OpEd Project mentor — these are just some highlights of Eva Tahmincioglu’s career. Her goal is to level the playing field for everyone when it comes to finding their perfect job.


Manchester-based Leo Woodhead is a freelance content writer and career adviser who tweets a lot of tips and tricks about moving up the career ladder.


Susan P. Joyce runs the Twitter account for Job-Hunt.org, a Forbes Top 100 website offering career advice and tips on how to do a shorter and smarter job search. Their Twitter offers a mix of job tips, job postings, and links to resources that will surely be helpful in your job hunt.


CEO of Career Tool Belt and Job Search Expert of The Balance, Alison Doyle definitely doesn’t need to prove herself any further to join this list. She’s been an established career adviser for years, and her wealth of knowledge shows in her tweets and the extremely helpful advice she doles out to all her Twitter followers.


What’s the best way to make sure that a manager likes you? Asking another manager of course! Alison Green’s Twitter blurb best describes what her page is all about in a few simple words, “Not sure what the hell your manager is thinking, how to ask for a raise, whether you might be in danger of getting fired, or more? Ask away.”


Shweta Khare wants you to “Illuminate your career,” and she helps you do that by providing lots of helpful resources that can help job seekers find the job they love and advance their careers in the direction they want. From links to articles about reworking your resume to links to their own blog posts, this page has got you covered when it comes to pursuing your professional goals.

When you’re running short on ideas about advancing your career, it’s time to turn to bring out the big guns. Follow the seven career experts above on Twitter and you’ll find plenty of innovative ways to reach your professional targets.


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