6 Tips on Becoming a More Systematic Virtual Assistant

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Becoming a systematic virtual assistant will not just allow you to do your work more quickly, it can also provide you with more opportunities to make money from home. When you’ve got all aspects of your work life (and personal life) in order, you’re better poised to provide the best virtual assistant service and attract more clients.

To help you become a better virtual worker, check out these 6 tips on becoming a more systematic virtual assistant.


Keep a journal or time tracker.

Keeping track of the things you do and jotting down all your tasks is a time-tested way of becoming a more organized and effective worker. It’s not just for VAs too. Everyone can really benefit from keeping a journal or time tracker. It’s important when you have a journal to update it regularly. Otherwise, you’ll end up leaving it out of your routine entirely.

Learn how to manage your finances wisely.

Doing your taxes, tracking your income and your spending, and just plain dealing with finances can really baffle and terrify many VAs. But these are very important knowledge that you have to acquire and master. Learning to manage your finances wisely is definitely a top quality of a systematic virtual assistant.

Automate the things that are routine.

Everyone has something at work that they do regularly but can actually be left to automation. Checking and deleting emails and social media are just a couple of examples. To help you save time, it’s best to check your current routine and pick out one or two that can be automated.

Use the right tools to help you out.

There are plenty of apps or software available out there for VAs, and it’s very important that you find the ones that work best for you. You should have a calendar or scheduling tool, note or list app, storage, project management, and so on.

Work to a regular or semi-regular schedule.

Many virtual assistants have the freedom to choose their work hours, but it’s still important to stick to a familiar schedule. Either work mornings or work nights, or actually work at the same hours everyday. This will not just help you develop a good routine, it helps combat laziness as well.

Have a dedicated working space.

Setting up a dedicated workstation where all work-related stuff happens can help you separate your personal life from your work. This, in turn, will allow you to become a lot more focused and productive at work.

Remember, being a virtual assistant is not an easy feat, but you can train yourself to become really good at it by working on forming better habits and becoming a lot more systematic about your approach to both your career and your personal life.

Hopefully, the tips above can help you make a massive improvement in how you do your work as a VA. Do you have any tips on how to be more systematic? Share them with your fellow VAs by leaving a comment down below.


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