5 Secrets of Highly Productive People

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For almost any worker, virtual employee or otherwise, achieving maximum productivity is the goal. We strive to be productive because we don’t want to spend hours upon hours working everyday but still just barely hitting our daily targets.

For any home based virtual assistant, learning how to manage time wisely allows for more time to do the things they want, whether that’s taking on more work to increase their income, taking courses to skill up, spending time with their families, or squeezing in more rest and relaxation.

To help you become more productive, check out these 5 secrets of highly productive people.


They always plan their day.

Some people think that sitting down to plan your entire day is a waste of time, but the best CEOs and achievers actually swear by having a detailed daily schedule. When you plan your day, you’re more likely to stick to your schedule. This means more meetings attended, more tasks completed, and more deadlines met. Plus, you won’t need to waste time thinking of what to do next every time you finish a task.

They take regular breaks.

We’re not machines. Even the most goal-driven people know that you can’t be working round the clock. In fact, they know that taking short, regular breaks allows their mind and body to recuperate and prepares them for more action ahead. Think of it this way, when you’re well-rested and energized, you might be able to finish a task in half the time it takes for you to complete it had you been tired and unfocused.


They don’t multitask.

Some years back, lots of people have been praising those who multitask. But now it’s time to reverse the trend. People have discovered that multitasking doesn’t really shave off a large amount of time per task. Instead, you save up a few minutes and turn in subpar results. Doesn’t seem like a worthy trade off, does it?

They put time limits on everything.

Setting a deadline for every task, even the smaller ones, can help you make sure that you’re always right on track. Sometimes, it’s easy to get stuck on challenging tasks that you end up doing little else for the day. Set time limits for every task, and when you get stuck, move on to the next as soon as you reach the time limit.

They know when to say no.

It’s impossible to do everything. Remember, time is not limitless. No matter how much you want to take on a new job, you can’t say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Doing this will lead to stress which will likely lead to you becoming unproductive, uninspired, or just plain miserable. Learn to say no when you know that your current schedule can’t accommodate a new task.

Turning these tips into habits will definitely help you become a more efficient worker. In the end, you won’t just have more time for yourself, you will end up providing a better virtual assistance service too and making your clients happier as a result.


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