4 Tips to Help You Get Through a Bad Week at Work

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Having a bad day at work is a nightmare. What more if it was a week of nothing but bad news? A good and strong willed virtual assistant knows what to do in situations like this. To help you overcome this ordeal, here are 4 tips to help you get through a bad week at work.

Don’t take things personally

Unpleasant days at work can be caused by a lot of factors. They usually happen because of uncontrollable events. The worst thing you can do in situations like these is to take things personally; this will only make matters worse. If you let a bad day or bad week affect you personally, you’ll start doubting yourself and your capabilities. Once this happens, your productivity and efficiency will be negatively affected.

What to do: It’s always a good idea to stay professional. For example, if you got reprimanded by your boss, treat it as a learning experience so you can improve yourself and your craft. Sulking and feeling bad will only affect your work and eventually your career.

Evaluate the situation

Another positive thing to do once you’ve experienced a terrible week is to evaluate the situation. Determining the root causes of the problem also helps you understand how things went south. Once you get the facts, you can then formulate strategies to prevent any mistakes from happening again. If the cause of the problem can’t be avoided, at least you’ll have a contingency plan to lessen any damage it may incur.

What to do: In every bad situation, be it your fault or not, there’s always an opportunity to learn and grow from it. Studying the factors that led to your bad day or week will help you grow as a VA and as an individual.

Enjoy the weekend

Nothing beats getting through a bad week by spending time with family and friends. Once your work week is over, spend time with family and friends. There are two ways to deal with a bad week once the weekend comes. First, is to spend time with family or friends and totally forget about the bad week you had. Treat it like a “reset” button and try to feel optimistic that your incoming week would be better as you can start fresh. The second option is to rant and talk this over with friends.

What to do: Letting off steam also helps you feel better. If your family or friends are willing to listen, this is one type of therapy you can do to help cope up with depressing thoughts because of a bad week at work.

Treat it as a challenge

Take it as a challenge. Okay, you had a bad week; will you let the next week be the same? Don’t let a bad week slow you down, treating it like a challenge helps you cope with it faster. Think about how athletes do it. Any successful athlete will tell you that failures are part of learning and winning. Without difficulties, challenges and other problems, they won’t be as successful as they are today. If you bring that mentality to the workplace, your boss will surely be glad that he has a strong-willed, optimistic and resilient virtual assistant who will not stop in improving himself and his work.

What to do: Accept the fact that bad days or bad weeks at work is a normal occurrence. What is important is how you react and learn from these situations.

In the virtual assistance industry, it’s important to learn from mistakes and have a positive attitude in dealing with obstacles and challenges. With the tips provided above, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find it easier to deal with your rough week at work.


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