3 Effective Ways to Handle A Difficult Task

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Virtual assistants and other virtual employees generally don’t have a choice when it comes to the gravity and difficulty of the tasks assigned to them. This is why it’s essential for a VA to be able to tackle a difficult task head on.

If you’re a virtual assistant who always faces difficult challenges, check out these 3 effective ways to handle a difficult task.


Sometimes, a “difficult” task is simply something that you’re not familiar with. Maybe you don’t know how to use the tools needed for the task, or maybe you’re just not familiar with the process. To get over this challenge, proper research and training are necessary. Even the most basic research can help you handle a difficult task.

By doing research, you can acquire the knowledge, skill or talent required of you. One example is photo editing. Many VAs are assigned to edit images and photos in connection with listing items on Amazon or social media marketing. Even without prior photo editing knowledge, you can still accomplish this task by doing research. Look for instructional videos on YouTube that provide simple and easy steps for photo editing beginners. With the vast resources available to you, there’s no reason not to accomplish any task.

Ask for Help

There’s no shame in asking for help if you think the task in front of you is almost impossible to do. Most VAs don’t ask for help because they are shy or they think that asking for help is a sign of incompetence. Asking for help is one way to help you handle a difficult task. You can seek guidance, tips, and pointers on how to go over a specific project that you find difficult. One key element here is that you’ll need to trust the people who help you.

Also, make sure you get in touch with the correct people. If you have problems in bookkeeping, contact a person who has experience in bookkeeping. If it’s about the photo and video editing, get in touch with a graphic designer. This is important as it helps you save time and energy by being able to get the right answers in the shortest time.

Start working

Overanalyzing is one root cause of stress and anxiety and it makes it harder to deal with difficult tasks. One way to get over this is to simply start working. Sometimes, a task is not really difficult; it’s the overthinking that makes it look hard. Stress and anxiety have a huge negative effect in controlling difficult situations, that’s why overthinking is highly discouraged. You’ll be amazed when you start working and dealing with the task head-on, you’ll soon realize that it is quite manageable. If you find out otherwise, there are other ways mentioned above that can help you deal with these challenges.

Understand and accept that difficult tasks are a reality that every VA needs to face and overcome. What’s important is to deal with it properly. With the 3 effective ways on how to deal with a difficult task mentioned above, expect a more focused and skilled virtual workforce determined to get over unforeseen challenges.


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