3 Branding Techniques to Win the Amazon Marketplace

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3 Branding Techniques to Win the Amazon Marketplace

Even before e-commerce became huge, success in retail already entailed going beyond good product quality and affordable prices. A vendor’s relationship with their customers can guarantee their patronage even when they encounter a couple of service mishaps or get courted by rival companies.

How do you ensure good vendor-customer relationship? A good-natured chit-chat at the store, a warm smile, and a pleasant store atmosphere give customers the impression that a brand is top-quality. No flashy marketing tactics can gain this level of trust. But if you’re an Amazon seller, how do you build the same relationship and achieve the same degree of loyalty from your customers?

Even though shopping habits have gone digital, branding remains effective when it comes to winning over and keeping customers. You only need to tweak your branding techniques so that people will think of your company as top-quality.

To achieve this feat, make sure to follow these 3 branding techniques to win the Amazon marketplace:

  1.       Be clear and consistent about your brand identity.

In an age when new online business marketing techniques are introduced to the market every so often, it’s become harder to keep up with the trends. Many businesses jump into every online marketing bandwagon that comes along and consequently muddies their brand identity.

If you want customers to remember you in a marketplace as saturated as Amazon, you need to have a well- defined and consistent brand identity. This includes sticking to your chosen brand name, logo, and colors as well as the tone of your copy across all your digital platforms. If your target customers are top-tier professionals, use a formal or classy tone to inspire credibility. If your market consists of younger customers, an energetic and playful tone is more likely to win them over.

  1.       Build up your virtual business outside Amazon.

This may seem unnecessary but building a presence outside of Amazon can strengthen your name within the marketplace. Online shoppers like to dig around for information before buying from a brand. From your social media to your company blog, your overall presence across different digital platforms can either make or break your brand in Amazon.

Don’t have time to do this? Hire an Amazon seller VA (virtual assistant) who can oversee your operations in Amazon as well as take care of attracting potential customers in other platforms.

  1.       Remember that your packaging is also your branding.

For many sellers, product packaging comes as an afterthought. If you’re the same, it’s time to gain a different perspective. Look at it from a customer’s point of view: you couldn’t physically hold and examine an item before buying it or bring it home after paying for it. You’ve waited hours or days for your order to arrive and in between buying and waiting, your anticipation builds up.

Of course, you’d want to see the value of your money when you receive your item – and packaging plays a major role in affirming that your order is worth the wait. Besides scoring an excellent buying experience, quality packaging also creates brand recognition and can even serve as a great marketing tool.


Amazon may be packed with millions of vendors and shoppers, but with the right strategy, you can stand out and make a name for yourself. Just make sure to apply these 3 branding techniques to win the Amazon marketplace.


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